PRO 2000

The PRO 2000 is not currently available.

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  • 3.25 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Pro Motor
  • 20" x 60" 2-Ply Commercial Tread Belt
  • 15% Quick Incline™ Control
  • FS2™ Cushioning
Chrisandcrew, (Georgia) on Feb 9, 2013
Looks Amazing - if we can ever get it assembled
This is a beautiful machine. However, the assembly tools and instructions are pitiful.
KC, (Rochester, NY) on Mar 1, 2013
Love it
Putting it together was a challenge, but it is together and loving using it, especially on those very cold and snowy mornings. Nice and easy display to use and read, comfortable on the body/knees. I like the fact that you can incline and decline on this machine.
Sarah, (Iowa) on Mar 13, 2013
I ordered mine through my local sports store. They assembled part of it in the store, brought it my house in two pieces and then finished assembling at my home. I HIGHLY recommend having a pro assemble. I looked at the instructions and I think I would still be struggling. I didn't think the cool-a... (Read more)
Running mom , (Albany, ny) on Mar 19, 2013
Love it!
I'm really enjoying this treadmill. I really like the speed adjustment buttons on the right side of the screen. Just one touch and the speed adjusts quickly. The incline buttons work in the same way. I haven't used the programs yet. The fan isn't super strong but helps. I like the mechanism that con... (Read more)
Mike, (Tucson, AZ) on Jul 9, 2013
The machine arrived in about a week in good shape. The Estes delivery person claimed he only needed to leave the machine "at the curb" but would be nice and wheel it into the garage for me. He could not get the big box and pallet to the front door because it was not a straight shot from the drivew... (Read more)
Easy, (Springfield, IL) on Mar 11, 2014
Better than I expected
Although it has only been in use for 1 week I feel it is a well made product. The materials are sturdier & heavier than expected & fit together precisely. Very quiet operation. The electronics make it easy & convenient to operate.
JohnB, (Prescott Valley, Az) on Sep 11, 2013
Excellent Product
This is a great treadmill. I have had it for 6 months and I can't say enough good things about it. My family uses it all the time. When it arrives at your house you are going to need 2-4 people to move it to where you are going to set it up. It's a heavy machine (something you want in a good tre... (Read more)
Barb, (VT) on Oct 17, 2013
Very happy with product.
I've only had a few days so far to not too much to comment on other than it seems like I will get lots of good use from the TM. Set up and directions were well written and it went smoothly. Can't wait to get in some serious miles!
jay, (long island, n.y.) on Nov 11, 2013
quality service
first time treadmill owner. after running on treadmills at gym this unit is very comparable. nice cushioning, less stress on body. when it arrived the box looked like it went through a war zone, the unit was easily assembled. After a week the console stopped working, customer service was very helpfu... (Read more)
Joe, (Loveland, CO) on Nov 18, 2013
Good deal for a good price
We don't have the time to go to the gym, so having a treadmill in our basement was the solution. I did extensive research online, and the Pro 2000 looked to be the best product in its price range. After it was delivered, it was a bear for two of us to carry it downstairs. It took about 5 hours to... (Read more)
ldlopez, (Sunnyvale) on Dec 3, 2013
good treadmill nice features, but plenty of room for improvements
Pros First the support people is great! I had some problems with the delivery and they help me a lot, im very glad i buy it directly from here. About the treadmill, the whole frame is really good and strong, I've been using it for several months and so far did not have any issue. The sus... (Read more)
SarabelleMN, (Carver, MN) on Dec 12, 2013
Love it! This treadmill is awesome!
I was a member of a gym for awhile and used to the overpriced machines so I thought I wanted one of those other treadmills. I did a lot of research on different treadmills and one site rated this one their top pick in this price range so I checked many sites to see what other people said and most ha... (Read more)
Gr8jl, (Machesney Park, IL. ) on Dec 13, 2013
So far well worth the money
Very nice machine, high quality, quiet, would buy again... Have had it for a couple months and not a problem so far. Very happy with this.
JasonFW, (Fort Worth, TX) on Dec 18, 2013
Better than my last Gym's
My wife and I bought this unit for our home gym. It is upstairs, yet so quiet and shock absorbing that it does not disturb our living room downstairs. It is very sturdy and took about 2 hours to build. It comes in a huge box. The largest piece is the belt and motor base. It is very heavy at aroun... (Read more)
Trish, (Verona, WI) on Dec 23, 2013
Best Treadmill I have ever owned!
Love this treadmill for running and walking. Smooth incline transition and solid base for running. I would purchase same model again in the future from the same retailer--great buy and hassle free delivery.
Victorsp, (Tempe Arizona) on Dec 23, 2013
Very happy with this treadmill
This is a very well built treadmill for the money. I have only had one problem with it. The hand bar heart monitor has not worked from day one but works fine with the chest strap.
Kaisersosa, (Bellmore, New York) on Jan 5, 2014
Good treadmill for average runner
I purchased the Pro2000 after reading the positive reviews and my old ProForm finally died after about 10 years of use. This is my third ProForm and by far the best. It's a good unit for me, I run everyday for 3 miles at 7 MPH. I have had it a week now and am impressed. It's a nice compromise ... (Read more)
Clauss, (Illinois) on Jan 7, 2014
Quite satisfied
Ordered it on Dec 3, promised by Christmas, but alas... arrived on 27 December! Once it came, it was a big hit with the whole family! It really is more than we thought we were getting. It will help the family stay fit during this cold, cold winter and beyond!
postholer, (Crescent City) on Jan 9, 2014
Super solid treadmill
This is a solid treadmill. Upon first use the stability and quiet nature are the first things I noticed. By far my footfalls were the loudest sound. This thing does not even wiggle. The shipping company called to make an appointment 5 days before it arrived. It was deliverd slightly past the a... (Read more)
richmondlady, (Richmond) on Jan 12, 2014
Good product
I really enjoy the product, but it was a little more challenging to put something than other exercise equipment I have previously owned. The speed and incline levels are great, but when you are walking at a faster pace I find the tread pulls a little, it is not a 100% smooth movement, but nothing th... (Read more)
Plumbpoint, (Virginia) on Jan 12, 2014
Tremendous add to our fitness routine
We have hand the Pro 2000 for three weeks now and we love it. It was not difficult to put together, runs well and quietly and gives us a range of options that we love.
gotJESUS, (hood river or) on Jan 20, 2014
thumbs up
my wife and i are very happy with our pro 2000. we researched treadmills for days before deciding on this one. after ordering, the unit was at our house in less than two weeks. setting up is a two person job, but only took two hrs. the built in programs are great. access to the incline/decline and... (Read more)
Gary, (Pleasant Hill) on Jan 31, 2014
Robust motor and belt, sturdy design, smooth operation.
Mindy, (NH) on Feb 8, 2014
Great machine but, had to wait for all the parts.
Very upset when the treadmill was delivered to discover the hardware to assembly the unit was missing. Went back and forth with customer service for several weeks till I received all the items. This treadmill is extremely heavy I couldn't help my husband carry it up two sets of stairs. Had to call o... (Read more)