590 E

The 590 E is not currently available.

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  • 1-16 Digital Resistance Levels
  • 18" Stride Length
  • Intensity Ramp™
  • iFit® Workout Card
whyamy, (scranton, pa) on Apr 6, 2010
not sure that i would buy it again
after using the machine for about a week, it began to wobble alot and is now very noisy. also, i didn't notice until after it was assembled, but the plastic cover is cracked.
RussC, (San Antonio, TX) on Nov 12, 2010
Helped Me Improve Fitness and Lose Weight
I wanted a machine that was smooth in operation and kept my feet parallel to the floor. This machine did just that, plus it has an adjustable ramp to allow for changes in muscles worked. Helping me with improved fitness and weight loss. I use it in conjunction with cycling. The two exercises comp... (Read more)
BetsyH, (Columbus, OH) on Nov 9, 2010
Very Smooth!
I began using it in January, and have lost 8 pounds. I was not heavy to begin with, but always hovering 5 pounds over. Also, has really amped my cardio. The Race for a Cure this year was a breeze!
DavidB, (Los Angeles, CA) on Nov 9, 2010
Great Value!
This is my first entry to working out at home. I chose this model as I felt it would be a good test to see if i could motivate myself to workout at home. The ifit cards have done the trick! The workouts are challenging and push me more than I would have on my own. My home gym will definitely... (Read more)
Cynthia S, (Kamuela, HI) on Nov 12, 2010
I Actually Sweat and Enjoy It!
I am very thrifty by nature so for me to spend $600 on an elyptical was shocking for everyone. I would spend it again and then some. It is a sturdy machine that gives me a great work-out. I actually sweat and enjoy it. My arms are becoming "buff" as my kids would say. I have shed a few pounds but... (Read more)
Shayne J, (Dixon, CA) on Nov 12, 2010
Great Product!!!
I chose this model for it's smaller footprint. The features are great and the incline really increases the total muscle activation. I use the elliptical every day. Great product!!!
Andrew R, (Cane Ridge, TN) on Jan 19, 2011
Sturdy Smooth and Quiet
ordering was easy; product was delivered in good condition; delivery was short wait. The machine is sturdy, smooth, and relatively quiet. It gives me a good workout without the pounding I get on my treadmill or freezing outside on my bike.