2011 Le Tour De France REVIEWS 


2011 Le Tour De France
$1,299.00 $2,499.00
  • 20% Incline and Decline
  • iFit® Enabled
  • 24 Tour Apps
  • Intelligent Wind Resistance
Herba, (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) on Oct 17, 2011
Incredible Innovation
The one that does it all. The one where you can pick an incredible variety of workouts. The one where you can take your favorite bicyle route or trail, download and ride. WOW!!! Whomever had the idea for this creation gets the gold stars -- Thanks -- Herb Alban
Opt, (Mtn. Home, ID) on Oct 13, 2011
Great bike!
I've had this bike for several months now. I must say that I really like it. The incline and decline are superb! It is super quiet and i can listen to my music and not have to worry about cranking it up to overpower the noise of the bike. The ergonomics are good. The only thing i have found is ... (Read more)
robnfoley, (Minneapolis, MN) on Oct 13, 2011
Superior product
As billed. Serious workouts. Fantastic array of options. Making your own courses, ANYWHERE, and watching in Google Maps Streetview is a boredom-killer. Really silent too. Only negative-don't press the console with sweaty digits: a non-removable jet-black smudge appears which obscures the dial-I c... (Read more)
BikinGail, (Rockwall, Texas) on Oct 13, 2011
Packaging woes
When they unloaded our two indoor bikes we noticed you could see the metal, exposed, and roughed up and bent. We assembled the bikes, bent the metal bases back into shape, and touched up the black to cover scratches. We love the bikes but figured there should be more packaging to protect the product... (Read more)
EE guy, (rural MD) on Oct 13, 2011
It makes indoor cycling fun
I am an engineer and I've had my TDF apart due to a maintenance issue. The mechanics of this bike are first class. The frame is beefy and the welds are quality. The lift motor and resistance motor appear solid. In my opinion, the wiring, while adequate, is not the same quality as the rest of the bik... (Read more)
GeorgiaGirl, (Millen, GA) on Oct 14, 2011
Best trainer EVER!
My husband races, and he thought this would be great for training during the colder months. Also, we live on a caostal plain, so he can't even find a hill to train on! This bike has it all. It can simulate any course, and when you hit the climbs, you definitely know it. I just train to be healthy... (Read more)
fastbiker, (Greenville, SC) on Oct 14, 2011
A great way to start the off-season
The bike is awesome, once I was able to set up the console with our regular Saturday Routes it feels like I am not missing any training during the rainy, cold, or windy days of Fall and Winter. The only thing I had a bit of trouble was setting up the iFit console to connect with the network based... (Read more)
Nort, (Vegas) on Oct 17, 2011
Great hill training bike
Exceptional training for hill climbing. Seems almost tougher than the real thing. Tougher than any other trainer I've ever tried.
PrincessoftheRoad, (NW) on Oct 29, 2011
Bugs R gettin' better
Very cool, with a lap top to bike along any google photographed road in the world, The ifit system bugs were horrible at first, but with their updates and progress it is great (no more frustrating than any tech device). You can even send maps and challenge a friend riding the real road in their neig... (Read more)
Vegas, (Vegas) on Nov 9, 2011
Love this Bike!!!
Have had the bike for 3 days. Love it. I put my ipad over the monitor ( after accessing ifit) to make the rides even more realistic. Gives me a nice big screen interface. The ifit integration is simply incredible. Only issue is once you unplug you need to restore the factory defaults and re enter yo... (Read more)
Brent B, (Beaverton, OR) on Nov 16, 2011
Great Bike, missing features
I have had my bike for several weeks now and love it. I does everything you could ask for and the Google map feature is great. Bike was originally advertised as supporting Polar heart rate monitor straps. At this time no heart rate monitoring is supported.
AndyP, (San Jose, CA) on Dec 5, 2011
Problems right out of the box!
Quality of the bike appears pretty good, however the wireless network will not connect. I've tried customer care at ProForm and it keeps disconnecting after the recording says there is a high demand for calls...can't even leave a message! The wireless connection appears to play an important role o... (Read more)
Bluedevill, (Chicago, IL) on Dec 31, 2011
Awesome bike
This bike is amazing. I love it. It does everything an indoor trainer should do and then some. I was wary because I've never really found an indoor trainer I liked at a reasonalbe price so I was skeptical going into this (I usually ride my own bike on a trainer) but this bike is solid and perform... (Read more)
Egghead2004, (Charlton, MA) on Jan 5, 2012
Gets me motivated, it's all that it is advertised.
I am 40 years old and about 50 pounds overweight, I hate stationary bikes and treadmills, we'll start there. So now that winter is here I need to drop some weight and stay active. I bought this bike based on the google maps feature. The first 2 rides I took were on normal bike routes I do with my sp... (Read more)
kimche, (Boston) on Jan 8, 2012
Good BUT
I think the manuel needs to be more specific on details, like gearing What is the gearing for the triple? I do not see it listed Also: would have been nice to have 11-32 and 11-36 built in for climbs like Whiteface and Mt Washington
Rough Rider, (Petaluma CA) on Jan 29, 2012
Aint your mommas exercise bike
Only downside is this isn't one of those relaxer bikes where you can increase heart rate and practically take a nap. When you get on this it is for a kick budt work out. Following the route gives you some motivation to finish were as on other resistant training bikes when you get tired or bored yo... (Read more)
Claudio M, (Yuba City, CA) on Feb 26, 2012
Love this Bike Trainer
Idea and Suggestion By Claudio M Martinez 02/26/2012 This bike needs an online internet access so that people can compete on line around the world with others, to compare strength and make it more fun.
Fix ifit NOW!, (Irvine, ca) on Jan 14, 2013
Used to be good
This was a good product prior to the changes to the ifit website. I find it to be useless now. Very poor move on their part. Would not recommend under any circumstances.
KenB, (Negaunee,Mik) on Oct 13, 2011
Way Cool Bike
First off, I have never been a fan of stationary bikes. I always had the impression of a hamster in a wheel..However with the TDF along with IFit Live and being able to create my own maps, its ALMOST as good as riding my road bike without the traffic and bumps etc.The bike pretty faithfully follows ... (Read more)
VTBiker, (Vermont) on Oct 1, 2013
Nice hardware, lacking in data management
The hardware seems to be of good quality and assembly was breeze. Easy to adjust seat height and handlebars. Was disappointed that the data did not contain charting of the watts (very important) and the lack of data export for comparison to other data tracking devices.