Hybrid Trainer REVIEWS 


Hybrid Trainer
$399.00 $799.00
  • 14 Workout Apps
  • 15" Elliptical Stride
  • Upper-Body Grips
  • Oversized, Adjustable Pedals
Heather, (Louisiana) on Mar 11, 2014
Exactly what I expected
Although it took an hour and a half to assemble, the machine has met all of my expectations. It is definitely worth the assembly time.
osspear, (Colorado) on Mar 17, 2014
Solid quiet machine.
This is a well built machine, especially for the price. I appreciate the smooth resistance and very quiet operation. I had to drop at least one star because there are a couple glaring ergonomic design flaws that should have been addressed before production. One is that the handles with the heart r... (Read more)
Cheryl, (McHenry,IL) on Mar 14, 2013
Its everything I need all in one
we love the proform trainer, it is comfortable for all the different exercises we do, its very easy to adjust for each person to use.
Hopeful ñ, (York .e) on Mar 14, 2013
Really nice
Really great piece of equipment,I only have one problem I need the seat adjusted.Can this be done.I can't find nothing in the directions.
toad, (Kennebunk, ME) on Mar 11, 2013
Great piece of equipment. I love the bike and I am sure as I get back into shape, I will use the elliptical more. I would definitely recommend.
KSfred, (66092) on Mar 11, 2013
Works Great
No complaints, except was very time comsuming to put it together. Two people are really necessary for 50% of assembly. Instructions could be a little better, but not bad.Operation of the unit is very good, have no complaints here.
SLPANDA, (Illinois) on Mar 11, 2013
Perfect for my needs
I just love having 2 options, a bike and an elliptical. The seat is so comfortable and the quality is well worth the price. I do not like to exercise at all but knew I needed to do somthing and this works great for me. So many options. I love it.
LittleB, (Florida) on Feb 28, 2013
The Hybrid arrived within 3 days of ordering in perfect condition. All parts and info included. Assembly took a little over an hour..very easy. It is TOTALLY SILENT when in use. Very smooth operation. My daughter has arainer from proForm that is 14 years old and still going strong. of course sh... (Read more)
Jmax, (Nawlins, La.) on Feb 20, 2013
If it worked......
Purchased this Nov. 2012 for a Christmas gift for the wife. Put it together after Christmas. The resistance setting never worked. It was on the hardest setting and would not change, you could here the motor running to change the resistance but nothing happened. The service tech. responded very quic... (Read more)
Robertb, (Denver, CO) on Feb 28, 2013
It is as good as the ones in the gym
This is the best addition to my collection of gym equipement. I no longer use my treadmill and stationary bike. I love it
calorieblues, (West Jordan, Ut) on Jan 13, 2013
The two items I wanted comes as one
Great price and so easy to put together. Everything you need to put it together comes with it. Everything is numbered so you just follow the simple directions. That was my main concern. It's great using ProForm Hybrid trainer.
m6805, (Washington State) on Jan 12, 2013
. . . a compliment to our TC-3000 for Cardiac-Rehab
My equipment was delivered promptly (5 business days after order) in a relatively undamaged container. The outside of the box took quite a few hits, but the contents were more than adequately packed and secure containing no apparent damage. A better quality corrugated box would have withstood the ... (Read more)
iowagirl, (IOWA) on Mar 7, 2013
I absolutely love this product!! It's so easy and everything I wanted and more!!! I would recommend this product to anyone (and have).
Beautiful 67, (Lowcountry SC) on Dec 29, 2012
Fantastic! Good Job ProForm!
I love it! Got it very quickly from UPS, ahead of scheduled time. Delivered to my door. My adult daughter and her girlfriend put it together for me in 3 1/2 hours! Very good, just read the instructions because everything is numbered and labeled. I am 67 years old female and was able to work both the... (Read more)
SeaTrainer, (The Sea Ranch, CA) on Dec 3, 2012
Oh what fun it is to train....
Our Hybrid Trainer arrived even sooner than expected and we began unpacking it. My husband said it might take him 5 days but he could put it together so I canceled the tech help. After a long rainy weekend we had it together and began enjoying it's wonderful benefits. It is truely easy to use and fu... (Read more)
Bird, (Monroe, GA) on Feb 28, 2013
Fantastic Product!
I love the Hybrid Trainer. My husband bought me a ProForm treadmill about 15 or more years ago (which we still have), and I figured I would try the Hybrid Trainer. It's fantastic! Easy to use and quiet. It's my new toy! He put it together in about 2 hours tops. Of course, I immediately tried it... (Read more)
Jo, (St. Albans, WV) on Feb 28, 2013
I love it!
I wasn't sure I would use an elliptical and thought I just wanted a bike. I decided to take a chance and get the combination and I love it. I love having the combination of 2 in one machine and it's built very solid and I think the price was great.
Tim, (Worcester, MA) on Feb 28, 2013
Not bad for the money
Seems to work fine after one wrong part had to be replaced. Went together easily enough. Console is a bit tricky to use and understand. I really wanted something to work the arms and legs at the same time...while sitting, but those machines cost 5 to 12 times more (they are used in rehab hospitals).... (Read more)
SoFly, (Calera, AL) on Nov 5, 2012
Great Machine
I've had my machine for about two weeks and I'm enjoying it a great deal. I like the flexibility of the 2-n-1. Who said it takes 2 people to put the machine together. Females ROCK!!! It took me 3 hours by myself and its not squeaking nor falling apart. I recommend this to anyone that wants to ge... (Read more)
Hopefully fit in 2013, (Sarasota, FL) on Feb 28, 2013
Everything the ad said it would be
This machine arrived quickly and in a hundred pieces, but everything was accurately labeled and my husband was a genius in putting it together. Do not fall for the shipping choice of having someone put it together for you if you can help it. That costs $245 and all we needed was each other's help ... (Read more)
Wyo_Girl, (Laramie, WY) on Mar 1, 2013
Been a good machine
With the economy as rough as it is, I had to cut costs, which meant a gym membership and gas to get to the gym. This machine has been a nice inexpensive machine that provides the workout I desire. Being able to adjust the pedals has been wonderful! Especially since I am short. My husband can adjust ... (Read more)
Ludie, (Sumerduck, VA) on Mar 7, 2013
Two machines in one... What could be better?
Perfect for my wife after total knee replacement
Gary, (southeast Pa.) on Mar 1, 2013
great machine for the price
My wife and I are both 65 and somewhat out of shape,so we ordered the hybrid to get in better shape.Took about 2 1/2 hours to put it together but the instructions were clear and parts were labeled fairly well. We both love the recumbent but the elipticle is going to take some getting into shape to ... (Read more)
Paul & Jen, (San Antonio, TX) on Mar 2, 2013
Hybrid Trainer: Low calorie workout
I had problems with the parts, so I waited about a week for the parts to get replaced. And, also, we thought this Hybrid Trainer was electrical instead of being manual. My wife and I are still getting used to it. It seems to be overall "okay" to workout with, but it gives a low calorie reading fo... (Read more)
DenverPio, (Denver, CO) on Mar 5, 2013
Makes me want to exercise
The axles and the grease could be explained better in the directions and the spacer shouldn't be so easy to crush. Also, I'd like to have a backlight option on the display so that it was readable in a dimly lit room. And I still try to get some time in every day.
Art C, (Long Island, NY) on Mar 8, 2013
Proform ellipitical - bike hybrid - Tremendous Value
I recently purchased the Proform Hybrid ellipitcal - bike trainer as a major upgrade to my wife's old stationary bike....I shopped around on-line and also visited several stores and found this machine to be the a perfect upgrade...the price was excellent and the machine is solid, well engineered an... (Read more)
Old Fart, (Quincy, CA) on Mar 6, 2013
Fast and friendly
Relatively east to assembled. Very well packaged with fairly easy instructions. In use, I am well satisfied. I have found that at my age (75+) the strength training I was doing with my other exercise units was more than my joints could handle. (I have arthritis as well as damaged knees which prevent... (Read more)
Cookie & Ging, (Goodwin SD) on Mar 9, 2013
Finally - I found the machine I have been looking for
We are 71 & 76 years of age. After open heart surgery, my husband was required to go to physical therapy - I went with. It gave us an opportunity to test different exercise machines. I quickly discovered that because of back & tail bone problems, I needed a comfortable seat. Most machines have t... (Read more)
Dallas Diva, (Dallas, TX) on Apr 12, 2014
More of a workout than expected
My Hybrid Trainer was delivered much, much quicker than expected, and the assembly was great. Glad, I paid extra to have a professional assemble it for me. What a workout! It is whisper quiet, which is great. Love it!
SquarePeg, (San Diego, CA) on Mar 14, 2013
Great product
I am a 64 yr. old senior citizen and despite needing 2 people to put it together, I did it by myself. It took me longer but that was o.k. The instructions were clear and the parts were easily identifiable. The only thing I had a problem with was threading the harness through the tube. The twist tie ... (Read more)
AZroute66, (Prescott Valley AZ) on Mar 15, 2013
Excellent Value
My wife & I have been using the Trainer everyday and are 100% satisfied. We need both fuctions but we don't have the space for separate excercisers so this was the solution. The complaints I read about the assembly might be valid if you have a disability that would make constructing things difficu... (Read more)
CJ, (Holiday Island, Arkansas) on Mar 17, 2013
Pro-Form is a great value
After using a Pro Form recumbent exercise machine at my health club I did a search for Proform exercise equipment with the possibility of purchasing one for my home. Similar models were around 3 to 4 thousand dollars. That nixed my choice until one day the Hybrid Trainer popped up on my computer for... (Read more)
Juli, (Bloomington, IL) on Mar 20, 2013
like this product
My husband and I are both using the H. Trainer. I really like how quiet it is, and smooth a ride you get. Has a very comfortable seat and peddles are easy to change for two different people to use at their own setting. Right peddle was damaged when we received it so had to order another one. Was... (Read more)
SouthernHospitality , (Sebree, KY) on Mar 23, 2013
Cautiously optimistic
I am very pleased with the Proform in and of itself. Very solid piece of equipment and fluid in its movements. Easy to set up by oneself or with help. However upon opening package the right foot pedal was broken during shipping and after nearly three weeks I am still waiting on said part. ... (Read more)
A.NY, (New York) on Mar 24, 2013
Gets the job done.
We chose the hybrid trainer over other products because it's an elliptical and recumbment bike in one. This item saved us space because we have one excercise machine not 2 in our family area. It also gives everyone with different fitness levels to be able to use. The installation instructions were... (Read more)
ken, (Milwaukee WI. ) on Mar 25, 2013
every thing I wanted
The Hybrid Trainer is just what I needed for my rehab from knee surgey .The only thing that I woul see changing is the distance from the display when riding on the bike the handles are to far back to reach comfortable when seated against the back rest on the bike .
Fatbaker, (Minnesota) on Mar 29, 2013
Very solid construction
Very quiet and smooth, solid construction, great value for the money
Teenieweenie, (West Linn, OR) on Mar 29, 2013
Loving my workouts
My Pro-Form Hybrid Trainer is my new best friend, I love my workouts..Thank you :)
ThinThighs:-), (Tulsa, OK) on Mar 29, 2013
I am so glad I decided to purchase this hybrid trainer; it wasn't hard to put together and it works great! I can feel the difference.
sandman, (York,SC) on Apr 4, 2013
Just what was looking for.
Good machine for the money.
Ebby, (Southfield, MI) on Apr 27, 2013
Wouldnt know
I wouldn't know how it works..I ordered this machine almost 2 months ago and it still hasnt came! Very disappointed.
StillWaiting, (Milwaukee, WI) on May 11, 2013
Poor client service
It has been over 1 month since I placed my order for the hybrid trainer. I have called weekly for the last 4 weeks, only to be told CONFLICTING status reports on when I am to expect the machine. I am extremely disappointed the service I have received thus far.
Bobby, (country, Texas) on Jun 3, 2013
distance in miles for Hybrid Trainer
Itis little use to me to know the revolution but knowing distance in miles or kilometers is helpful to lgauge my workouts in the ouse versus outdoors. So the calculation is the radius of the wheel arm which is 8 inches on my unit times pi divided by 12( to obtain feet per rev). Then divide the va... (Read more)
abc123, (Pennsylvania) on Jun 3, 2013
So far so good!
We have had this for about two weeks now and so far I am happy with it. I had a gym membership but I work crazy hours all week, and finding time to get to the gym was always difficult. Now I can just drive home from work and get my workout! I love the bike/elliptical combo. Set up was easy, it t... (Read more)
Island Girl, (Florida) on Jun 5, 2013
In Love
I love this machine. It is very smooth and quiet. It is very well built with no rattling or shaking. The adjustments fit well for both settings. I had an eliptical years ago made by another manufacturer and this one far exceeds it. It doesn't take alot of space yet performs like a large machine. The... (Read more)
Lou, (West Central Iowa) on Jun 29, 2013
Excellant piece of equipment
We have limited space. This hybrid trainer fits our needs and wants. We love the proform trainer, its very easy to adjust for each person to use.
mjlo, (Delavan, WI) on Jul 2, 2013
Awesome machine!
I bought this machine because I desperately need to exercise! I did have my doubts if I would like it and use it. I looked at it for a week and then finally got on it. It was comfortable, not like other machines I've tried Although I need to use it more than I do I am very pleased and feel it was mo... (Read more)
Dee, (Palm Coast, Florida) on Jul 3, 2013
Great Product!!
I got my Hybrid Trainer on the day they said I would. It took I think 5 days to receive it. It took me, by myself, and I am a woman, less than 2 hours to put it together. Of course, I have to add that I am very mechanically inclined. I love it and enjoy using it. I find it easy to adjust the lev... (Read more)
RV, (Milford.PA) on Jul 4, 2013
we made the right choice
My wife and I were looking for a low impact workout that would offer cardio and fat burning options. The hybrid trainer has a number of preset programs to cover these needs and a manual mode to go at our own pace. We were also pleased with how well made and easy to build the trainer was and would ... (Read more)
Buddies, (Ludlow, Ma.) on Jul 14, 2013
So pleased with our purchase
Our new Pro Form Trainer is just wonderful. We purchased it from your company after seeing an advertisement on TV, one of our best purchases ever. In this short time, my husband and I have noticed difference in how we are feeling, especially our energy level. We are both 65 years old and looking to... (Read more)
Buddies, (Ludlow,Ma.) on Jul 14, 2013
so pleased with our purchase
NoName, (Illinois) on Jul 16, 2013
Great investment!
Very stable and durable equipment. The seat is very comfortable and great for the back. The pedals are big enough for any size feet. Is heavy once put together, not as easy to move as video shows, so make sure you build it where your going to keep it. Well worth the money. Great investment! Very hap... (Read more)
MaimeoJacqui, (Tijeras, NM) on Jul 16, 2013
Great Machine!!!
If I could change anything it would be the distance in miles instead of RPM
Michal, (Greenville, Ohio) on Jul 17, 2013
We were looking forward to getting the Hybrid and we still are waiting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and waiting.They don't send all the pieces at once. You have to keep calling them for the rest of the pieces. We are into this for at least 6 weeks, not all here yet. I think they let monkeys fill their orders.
LCCinNH, (New Hampshire) on Mar 22, 2014
A great addition to the household!
Assembly was about 4 hours off and on for me alone; (and I am totally non-mechanically inclined) small parts were well labeled, quality seems good and the trainer works great in both modes. It's very simple to adjust from one mode to another and seems very sturdy. Controls are simple to use. displ... (Read more)
Jimmy the Fish, (Indianapolis, Indiana) on Jul 23, 2013
Good Product for the Price
Very well made machine. Took about 2 hrs to assemble. Instructions are straight forward and the packaging of the hardware made it very easy to find using the instruction sheet. Only concern I had was that instead of miles, the console only showed revolutions completed. If you read past reviews, some... (Read more)
Young at heart, (Ohio) on Jul 30, 2013
Took me (a 63yr. old, 145 lb. woman, and the help of an 8yr. old grandson) 6hrs. to put together. After about 10mins of use, it started creaking in the back right side. I double checked everything to be sure nothing was loose, but it seems to be coming from a factory assembled area. Very annoying, ... (Read more)
Nika, (Fort Worth Texas) on Jul 31, 2013
Rough beginnings and more
Took over a month to get it and I had to call because proform did email or anything to let me know of the delay. then after I completed the assembly I found out the large wire connector was damaged. It took about two weeks before I received the replacementI and now I have to figure out where to take... (Read more)
Harley lover, (Hudsonville, Michigan) on Aug 4, 2013
great machine
This machine arrived via Fed Ex with in a few days of my odering it. I was worried about being able to assemble it but my worries were unfounded. The instructions were clear and accurate and easy to facilitate. I am impressed with the quality and workmanship of this hybrid trainer. It is taking... (Read more)
60+ and login' it!, (Sun City, AZ) on Aug 7, 2013
Perfect for us!
Took my husband about six hours to set up...and he is very handy but has learned to take his time and read instructions! We love the workout. It's great for both of us, I'm restricted by stamina because of a disability and my goal is to gain some back in a non-impacting way...and I am making progre... (Read more)
Wayteraup, (Russellville, AR) on Aug 17, 2013
I love this machine!!
We had used a similar machine at a motel fitness center and when we found one at Pro-Form we were ecstatic. It is perfect for two separate workouts. The price was unbeatable and the quietness and sturdiness of the machine is unbelievable. I believe it will last us for a very long time. We love i... (Read more)
cajunrunrun, (Kingwood Texas) on Mar 19, 2014
What a bargain
We were at Hooters eating wings for lunch while watching the NFL combine when the ad was shown on tv. My wife is a recumbent bike person and myself an elliptical guy. This machine has exceeded expectations in every way. If you're on a budget and need equipment that can provide two separate workou... (Read more)
Trying to succeed, (Ft Lauderdale, Florida) on Mar 10, 2014
What I really needed in my home.
It is convenient for me to use each and every day in my home. I do not have to worry about what time I can exercise. This is a good quality product and the price is perfect.
JimboAZ, (Prescott, AZ) on Mar 31, 2014
Nice to have two machines in one
I bought the hybrid trainer because of it's weight limit. I'm a big guy and most machines don't fit me. Even with this machine I have some issues with the width of the pedal setup. I have to twist a little as my knee rises on the cycle configuration because I have a wide body. Nothing against the ma... (Read more)
Need to workout, (Pacheco, Ca) on Mar 25, 2014
Best piece of equipment for the money!!
Love my hybrid trainer. Easy to put together, makes little to no noise. Two machines for the price of one!
Bob Gar, (Mission. TX) on Mar 18, 2014
Met expectations
The machine was easy to assemble an didn.t require a lot of tools. I have been using it for about three weeks and it has met all my expectations. My wife and I are both using it. For the cost, the trainer is well constructed and we have had no difficulty using it.
Sonia , (NYC) on Mar 17, 2014
Love my Hybrid Trainer
I love my Hybrid Trainer. I have bad knees and an elliptical is easy on the knees and when I use to go to therapy, they use to put me on a recumbent bike and now I have two great machines in one. The price is also great! I highly recommend this product to anyone. Very happy customer.
The mayor of Murphy Gulch, (Rogue river oregon 97537) on Sep 13, 2013
Great machine
This is what both my wife and I needed in the winter time and it will also help her tremendously When she has her second knee operation later this year.
Kate, (PA) on Sep 27, 2013
Great piece of equipment!
I am 55 years old and this is perfect for me. My husband and I put it together in about 1 1/2 hours. Very easy to use. I would recommend this to everyone!
Heavenly, (Lake Charles, LA) on Oct 3, 2013
Love, Love, Love my new Trainer.
Bigger and better than I thought it would be. Very sturdy and very well worth the money.
Dean, (New Mexico) on Oct 4, 2013
Everything we wanted
My husband who gets frustrated when he has to put products together was surprised on how easy the Hybrid Trainer was to assemble. Just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. He did it on his own, the only thing I helped him with was the read out area, you actually needed 4 hands. Very satis... (Read more)
used to be fat, (madera, CA) on Oct 7, 2013
This thing is AWESOME
My wife put it together......think about that guys.....my. wife. put. it. together. We are in an area with NO gyms and want to work out. We got this trainer and it's awesome. I'm a big guy 6'2" and 220, so I was worried about it supporting me. My second concern was if it was noisy. It can and it's s... (Read more)
northerngirl, (Westfield, VT) on Oct 15, 2013
Not just another clothes hanger
This is a great trainer....no longer do we have another place to store clothing. This actually is used and is a great workout. There are two issues with this machine and other than these this is a great asset to my health. 1.) After a few months of use it started to squeak so bad that it had to... (Read more)
Kim, (Orlando) on Oct 16, 2013
Good product
Arrived quickly, took around 2 hours to set up. I'd suggest having at least 2 people for some aspects of the setup. Very quiet to use, very sturdy, easy to move around. The workout is surprisingly good - better than I expected. Having 2 machines in 1 is great! Very happy with the purchase so far.
Heddy, (Rhinebeck, NY) on Oct 16, 2013
Excited to start using my hybrid
I just had my trainer put together and started using it yesterday. So far it's great, love it. Hoping to get into a daily routine, morning and evening.
MountainMan, (Jones Mills, PA) on Oct 17, 2013
Good, Versatile Solution
Construction is simple; did it alone in a few hours. Parts are well made and the fit is good. Got two machines in one so my wife and I can use it and vary our routines. Only wish the workout arms had more clearance from the heart monitor handles.
Moctobi, (Dallas, TX) on Oct 23, 2013
Really great machine
I am a 78 years old female and I put this machine together by myself in 3 1/2 hours. It was very easy, all you had to do was read and follow. The instructions were so well written even a 12 year old could have done just as well in following them. I would recommend to seniors. I have 2 total knee re... (Read more)
joby gin, (newton wv) on Mar 9, 2014
great workout
Received our hybrid trainer quickly. Took a little time to assemble. Gives a great workout. The console wasn't working so we contacted proform and no hassel, they sent a new one and it is working great...love it, love it, love it.
Maggie, (Iowa) on Dec 1, 2013
Hybrid trainer
My experience thus far is similar to other reviews when they talk about a loud squeaking noise . Mine also has it. In regards to the assembling - it was not overly difficult. I put it together myself in 4 hours- taking time to properly grease all needed areas.
Shorty, (Vacaville, CA) on Dec 6, 2013
It took me 2.5 hours to put it together. An adjustable wrench is needed to tighten some of the nyloc nuts. I did not install the water bottle holder, don't need it. The "front wheels" do not roll on wood floor, I had to drag the whole machine to its final location. The display could be better if ... (Read more)
paula, (Franklin Square NY) on Dec 10, 2013
piece of junk
I am so unhappy with my purchase It is totally unstable, rocking a and rolling while doing eliptical. one of the petals is way too hard to move, while the other is fine... I am truly bummed about the waste of money
Mac, (McMinnville,Or) on Dec 12, 2013
very happy
Good solid piece of equipment!!! Went together easily (didn't cuss once during assembly). Everything I wanted and expected for the money!!!
Toni, (Rowlett, Tx.) on Dec 23, 2013
Wonderful product.
I love my pro-form the only thing is sometimes it doesn't record right on the monitor reading chart otherwise it is wonderful. I am a senior and would recommend it to anyone . I put it together all by myself if email in about three hours extremely easy .
Anna, (VA) on Dec 23, 2013
Everything I wanted and more
This is a far better work out machine than We ever anticipated! Strong Steady and goes the course. You will not be sorry you purchased this:-)
Shorty, (Vacaville, CA) on Dec 23, 2013
I like it
Took me 2.5 hours to assemble by myself. Requires adjustable wrench. The left foot pedal somehow does not have the permanent contact that when I press the pedal it ticks when it hits the frame. The screen display is difficult to read in limited lighting. Other than that, it's exactly what I want, tw... (Read more)
ScarfGirl, (Pa) on Dec 23, 2013
We love it!
We love our Hybrid Trainer. It is so quiet that when he works out in the early morning hours I do not hear him and sleep right through his workout. It took my husband about 3 hours to put it together. My only complaint is at the cardo pads are coming off and we do not even use them.
Curtis, (Las Vegas) on Dec 23, 2013
End User
I was gasping for breath 15 minutes into the 'low cardio' workout; maybe because I am 15 pounds overweight, however, the first month was hard, body always ached. Month 2 the aches were gone. I did notice that I had less back and knee pain after use of the machine, it was way easier on the joints. M... (Read more)
Pmak, (Arcadia Ca.) on Dec 23, 2013
Got what u pay for
The machine is ok. You get what you pay for, it doesn't seem as good as the other reviews make it out to be. The warranty is pretty short, only 90 days.
Don, (Annapolis Md) on Dec 24, 2013
Exceeded my expectations
I was pleasantly surprised at the duarability and practicallity of the machine.Im 240 lb and feel very safe and comfortable using this machine.For the price i thought it was going to be flimsy and a waste of money.But Its a hell of a machine.Dosent take up much room and looks good when assembled. My... (Read more)
Jose, (Virginia Beach, VA) on Dec 25, 2013
Very pleased.
The Hybrid Trainer has met everything it promised. It's a great home exercize unit. The only improvements I would recommend are a countdown timer setting and quick connect for the control panel change over, (instead of wingnut).
burrdog, (meredith n.h.) on Jan 1, 2014
it has been great. i had my left hip replaced in feb and the elliptical allows me to simulate the running motion without the pounding which my doctor says would increase the likelihood of another hip. i like to be able to change the resistance during use. a good product!
sabren, (Gatineau, Qc, Canada) on Jan 3, 2014
Exactly what I wanted
I was able to mount it by myself with the instruction that were easy to read and understand
Cocobean, (Riverton , Utah) on Jan 8, 2014
I have disabilities that prevent me from using most exercise equipment , the hybrid allows me to get good cardio exercise in a safe way. Compares to machines that are found in rehabilitation facility . So Happy , I had just about given up on hopes of good cardio exercise. THANK YOU !!!! Instruction... (Read more)
hybrid man, (Oklahoma) on Jan 12, 2014
Hard and Fun
Glad we finally got it together. Looks like a real gym in my tiny living area. Goals are set and now the challenge begins. We look forward to achieving better physical health with this machine. It is a very good workout for this older couple and allows us to get it all at home. Thanks Pro Form!
Angus, (Florida) on Jan 18, 2014
Great Value!!
I was concerned that the hybrid trainer would not work well considering the low price. If you have any doubts you can put them aside. It is a good machine and a great value. It took two of us to assemble about 60 minutes.
PA Granny, (Grampian,PA) on Jan 20, 2014
Good Purchase
It was so convenient for me to have my hybrid delivered to my door. All the parts were there and construction was not difficult and the instructions were easy to follow. We actually had fun putting the parts together. I have only had it a week, but am pleased with everything about it so far. Good co... (Read more)
Midgard, (Chicago) on Jan 20, 2014
Good Product - Bad Shipping
The product functions very well and it extremely quiet. However, when we received the package, the exterior box was falling apart (use better cardboard) and the screws came out of the packaging and were scattered throughout the box and smaller part boxes. The screw packaging was lacking and the gl... (Read more)
DarrelC, (Northern Idaho) on Jan 20, 2014
Lives up to its name
It will take a while to build up the ability to maximize the use of this machine. I did not know how out of shape I was until I got on it for the first time. I was surprised to find that it weighs 125 pounds. I had to use a two wheel dolly to get it from the UPS truck into my house. Assembly was ... (Read more)
Red, (Utah) on Jan 26, 2014
Works Great
The hybrid trainer arrived about 4 to 5 days after the order was recorded which was the Monday after Christmas. Took about 4 hours to put it together. I am very happy with it. Moves smooth and is quite. Easy to ride.
T, (Atlanta) on Feb 3, 2014
squeaks too much
i like the trainer and i use it 2x per week, as well as my daughter. but it is squeaking under the seat a lot. what can be done to make it quiet?
hombre243, (Iowa) on Feb 5, 2014
Hybrid Trainer is a Top Performer
I was told by my doctor I had to get some exercise. Walk more he said. It is snowing outside and the temp is below zero. He said we all have to make sacrifices. I bought a Hybrid trainer and started exercising INDOORS. I am still breaking it in but it was easy to assemble. It took a little time but ... (Read more)
Sandra Anderson, ( Rockingham) on Feb 10, 2014
everything i wanted
I love it my husband put it together about an hr. real smooth and easy to use. Can't wait to get home from work to do my exercise. Just love it
GeorgiaWorks, (Atlanta) on Feb 14, 2014
The Trainer works as we hoped it would.
The Hybrid Trainer arrived and the box was pretty beat up, but all the parts inside were OK. It took us about 2-3 hours to assemble and works as we thought it would. Both my husband and I use the Trainer several times a week and is easy to use. We would recommend the Trainer to anyone.
Blessed, (Virginia) on Feb 18, 2014
Life Saver
I am amazed at how awesome this machine is. I weigh 344 pounds and used a machine similar when I went to the YMCA. Since I couldn't make it there anymore I knew I needed to invest in a machine. I loved the one at the Y. I love how I can use this machine and different stages of my weight loss jou... (Read more)
Carolp32, (Inez, Kentucky) on Feb 19, 2014
Just What I needed
I ordered the Proform Hybird Trainer because I really need to exercise more and I can set the Hybird Trainer at any level that I am able to work out easily. I am age 68 and I use this bike daily to help me firm up and maybe lose some weight. I would recommend it to anyone and as a matter of fact ... (Read more)
renie, (western NY) on Feb 21, 2014
wonderful machine
.I am very happy with this machine , its very sturdy and a good quality machine . wasn't very hard to assemble either . I would recommend this machine to my dears friends and loved ones . I rate this machine a 4star . . I have only had it a short time I hope the extended warrenty is as good as the m... (Read more)
Angelfish, (League City, TX) on Feb 24, 2014
Love my new trainer
Just what I needed since I have had issues with my feet. I am short, 5' and was concerned about using the equipment. I little bit of a stretch for the bike, but I can use a pillow behind me if need be. Took about 4 hours for my husband and I to put together. Looking forward to using during those ... (Read more)
SpeedyTub, (Federal Way, WA 98003) on Mar 5, 2014
Only 1 thing I can't get working...
first off, machine has performed well over the last 3 weeks since delivery. It's handling my overweight girth of 320 lbs w/o any problems, so I know it's sturdy. Assembly was so-so with the axle being the hardest part. I, like many others, would prefer miles over RPM but hey, what are you gonna do? ... (Read more)
Melodee, (Minnesota) on Mar 17, 2014
LVAD and able
I have an LVAD heart assist pump and am waiting for a heart transplant. I have tried a lot of different exercise equipment and regimes. My physical limitations and restrictions make it extremely difficult to use a lot of mainstream equipment. Currently I am using the bike with no problems or comp... (Read more)