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Performance 400c

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  • iFit® Compatible
  • 2.75 HP Mach Z™ Commercial Motor
  • ProShox™ Cushioning
  • 18 Workout Apps
Sharon, (Stockton, California) on Jan 14, 2013
callorie counter
Does this machine have acalorie counter /weight lodr ingotmsyion on the control board? This is what im interested at having along with the speed numcers Does this machine fold upSharon
CBT74, (Va. Bch., Va.) on Feb 5, 2013
This Is All You Need!
I love this treadmill! I've had mine for almost two years and it still runs like it's brand new!! It's got a wide belt just like the Life Fitness model they have at the gym so you don't feel like you're going to run off the side. You can also set it up to an 10 incline and run at a 10.0 speed if you... (Read more)
Yelloradio, (Portland, ME) on Jan 12, 2013
Meets our expectations
We replaced a 15 year old treadmill with the ProForm 400c and were pleasantly surprised at how well it functions for the price. We first tried it out in a big box store and discovered it was cheaper on the ProForm web site, so we chose to have it delivered and we assembled it. It took about an h... (Read more)
C, (Brooklyn, New York) on Feb 6, 2013
Amazing machine
I recieved my machine in january and my father put it up for me. It is a great treadmill and it is built very strong!
AudrinaTee, (Austin, TX) on Nov 16, 2012
Pretty Impressive
I just bought this machine, and so far it is just alright. Nothing too impressive, but it fits me well enough. I'm a smaller person, about 5 feet 4 inches. Overall, this machine fits me well, but I can already tell that my husband won't like it. He's a lot taller than me, and I think he would be unc... (Read more)
Rockin Red, (Folsom, CA) on Nov 24, 2012
I was so impressed by this machine! Especially because of the great deal I got on my machine at sports authority.
Tonikoku, (Abingdon, MD) on Jul 13, 2013
The best treadmill ever
I love this treadmill because it made me feel as if I was jogging in the air. I love to jog everyday and i need a treadmill that would not cause so much impact on my joint, this treadmill is perfect! The cushioning helps a lot to reduce a lot of pressure on the joint. This treadmill is well made a... (Read more)
Alexis1966, (Greenbelt, MD) on Jul 19, 2013
Great Value and Performance
I'm every bit as happy with this treadmill as with the Pro-Form CX10i that I got in 2004 (still using it but the electronics are getting flaky). The deck of the 400c is comfortable and the belt moves smoothly; it's a very ergonomic machine. Although this was the least expensive model, there was no... (Read more)
PickyShopper, (Las Vegas, NV) on Aug 19, 2013
Great Treadmill :)
I am very pleased with my new 400c. I am only a walker, but it has lots of options if I get in better shape and move up to running! I wasn't expecting speakers, but it has them. Yeah! It's nice to be able to plug in my ipod and get moving. The set up was done mostly by my husband, but I helped and i... (Read more)
Naranjo, (New York, NY) on Aug 20, 2013
Terrific treadmill
This treadmill is exactly what I wanted, and more. It's quiet, runs smoothly and the control panels make your workout fun. It arrived with excellent instructions for assembly including an online demonstration. I highly recommend this unit.
Cdr, (SC) on Aug 28, 2013
Great unit; easy to assemble.
The Pro-Form 400C treadmill is a well-made, rugged unit that is professional quality in all respects. Delivery time from factory to doorstep was reasonable considering the distance shipped. Assembly was accomplished within 3 hours by myself. Instructions were straightforward and easy to comprehen... (Read more)
Loveit, (Morrilton, Arkansas) on Sep 18, 2013
I love it!
This treadmill is better than I expected it to be and I am very happy with it. I have lost 5 pounds already!!
Mizzuno Runner, (Rockville, MD) on Oct 6, 2013
Good product - need a new shipping company
I am quite pleased with the treadmill, and the price is great, but the logistics of this treadmill coming to me were absolutely awful. I had to hound the shipping company for a delivery time, and then they missed the 6 hour delivery window that they had given me.