Power 995c REVIEWS 


Power 995c
$949.00 $1,999.00
  • iFit® Compatible
  • 15% Quick Incline™ Control
  • 7" Oversized Backlit Display
  • Grip Pulse EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor
Grandpa Connor, (Nashville, TN) on Nov 13, 2012
Good Buy!
I researched several other treadmills before deciding on the Power 995c. I paid the extra money to have it installed because my back isn't what it once was. I watched it being put together though and I think that I probably could have gotten it up and running myself if I had tried. It's a very slee... (Read more)
Speedy Sue, (Eugene, OR) on Nov 16, 2012
I just recently purchased the Power 995c, but from my short time with this machine I am highly impressed! I am still figuring out the iFit technology, and I'm not sure I'll want to continue to pay for it after my free year, but we'll see how that goes! I really love how easy it is to fold up and sto... (Read more)
ol'tubby, (Greater Upper Mississippi Valley) on Mar 14, 2013
Impressive and motivating
This puppy just beckons to be used! The air shock absorber feature and the long track are why I bought the model. My body, especially my knees are delighted with how much less of a pounding they get using this machine than the machine I've used for the last 10 years. I wanted the long track so I cou... (Read more)
Bmore runner, (Baltimore, MD) on Mar 15, 2013
comfortable run....tweeking needed
This treadmill provides a comfortable run with great shock absorption. Changing speed or incline during run is simple. Construction is sturdy. Assembly can be tricky-dont tighten screws until the end-a lot of the connection rely on compression/tension of individual parts. Cons-the emergency shut... (Read more)
Fitboy, (KY) on Mar 21, 2013
Quality product
Pros: Sturdy The actual treadmill functions perfect. The belt has never slipped. Cons: The product came chipped in one spot, one hole wasn't drilled properly, the plastic arms don't fit correctly. The screws aren't labeled, but I am very competent as to which screws are which size if you are ... (Read more)
ChiSox, (Chicago, IL) on Jul 15, 2013
Great Product!
I did a LOT of research before I bought this machine, and I'm very glad that I decided on this model. I'm not a marathon runner--so I can't verify if this treadmill would for someone like that--but I'm an avid walker [I workout about an hour a day] who keeps a pretty brisk pace, and the machine is ... (Read more)
N/A, (DeLand, FL) on Aug 12, 2013
Good Machine
I like almost everything about the treadmill except the fact it doesn,t have a sd card slot like my previous model which I have workout cards for plus it doesn,t have any built in low speed workouts like my previous model
Rhody Ram, (Coventry, RI) on Oct 2, 2013
Just what I expected
Bigger and sturdier than I expected. Love the lowering feature. Very safe. Assembly was simpler than I thought it would be. I is quite heavy so the delivery company need my assistance getting it into my garage. I also needed help getting it into the house. Solid machine and I love it
desert diva, (hesperia' ca.) on Oct 7, 2013
like it so far
we put it together and the screw holes are smaller than the screws. I was very careful with screw sizes.So be prepared. It's very heavy. My old one, when folded up, was vertical. This one is not. It runs very quiet. Love the fan. Different programs are a bit tricky to find. Can't get the IFIT to wor... (Read more)
Ezbigun, (SLC, UT) on Dec 13, 2013
This is an excellent treadmill. Especially for the price. I'm a big'un at 260 pounds but the machine takes care of me quite easily. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reasonably priced product
Born cynic, (Iowa) on Dec 14, 2013
Worth the wait
The treadmill took forever and a day to arrive since it was apparently back ordered even though the site said in stock but it did eventually arrive. Ungodly heavy, get help moving it in if you don't pay for set up. Shipping weight is almost 300 lbs and most of that is in the deck and motor that come... (Read more)
casebase, (San Antonio) on Dec 14, 2013
Pleased with purchase
I am happy to say the treadmill is exactly what I needed and wanted. If you are looking for a solid treadmill that runs smooth when jogging at a steady pace, this is for you. I put it together myself... read instructions twice (or three times) and you'll get it together in a few hours. It wasn't a... (Read more)
DirtRunner, (New Ulm, MN) on Dec 15, 2013
Great Treadmill
The treadmill 995C was great purchase. We live in Minnesota and the winters are impossible for safe runs outside, so my wife and I decided to buy a treadmill. After a lot of research we decided to go with the 995C. It took four weeks to arrive after purchase, but it was delivered right in our garag... (Read more)
Josie, (Louisiana) on Dec 23, 2013
Great treadmill
I was used to gym treadmills. This treadmill is as good as any I have used at my local gym.
duey, (NY) on Jan 4, 2014
Liking it
We have used the 995C for about 3 weeks, 5 people for a total of 20+ workouts, with me being the heaviest at 175. It works very well and seems well built. The only thing missing, is there is no decline, only flat and incline. We have ifit, which is pretty cool as well, although sometimes doesn't rec... (Read more)
RunnerBelle, (Virginia) on Jan 20, 2014
Nice machine
Really love this machine. Had an old Image 10.0 before this one. Talk about a major upgrade. Machine is a nice mix of great features at a good price. Incline is smooth. I've had it about 6 weeks now and have enjoyed it greatly. Want to get the ifit Module for it before long.
Pete, (Mississippi) on Jan 25, 2014
Sturdy, Good Value, Little Assembly Challenge
We wore out our old Pro-form 730 and received a loyalty discount on the new 995c. Unit arrived in perfect order, very well-packaged, and with two helpers got the base (175 pounds) up a narrow stairway. Assembly was simple, the greatest challenge was installing the sheet metal screws. It took a huge ... (Read more)
JS, (Newport Beach, CA) on Feb 14, 2014
Well Made
Well made and easy to operate. My wife and I enjoy this product very much. Great having a treadmill in the house, no driving to the gym for a quick run.
Randy, (Georgia) on Feb 15, 2014
Pretty much as expected
Hi: Except for being delivered late, not ProForm's fault, my new treadmill is as expected, over the top. My other 995 lasted over 10 years, and I hope this new one will last as long One quirk I might mention is the cup holder is a bit out of reach, if you walk in a "normal" spot, and I have pret... (Read more)