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Treadmill Accessory Kit

The Treadmill Accessory Kit is not currently available.

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  • Belt Cleaner
  • 5 Oz. Tread Belt Lubricant
  • Surge Protector
  • (3) Treadmill Keys
ShopGirl, (Northern Utah) on Jan 10, 2011
Awesome Deal
I work for Pro-Form and have Pro-Form Treadmill. This is a really good deal that I know a lot of people pass up. I originally bought it because of the surge protecter, which is I feel is a must for protecting my investment, but I was really pleased to have the entire kit when my safety key got lost ... (Read more)
ccspir2, (Baltimore, MD) on Jul 17, 2013
Great product
Extremely well made, very durable. Incredible deal for the price. Similar quality with health club machines.
cg, (Farmersville, TX) on Aug 12, 2013
Treadmill kit is fine.
The kit worked as advertised, but the treadmill still gets hot and makes noise. The customer service techs on the phone were not any help at all, could not tell me how to get to motor to see if was running hot. I finally gave up and as it still works, I will use it until it quits and then get anot... (Read more)
Cody Steele, (Milton, GA) on Nov 8, 2013
Great way to workout
Great product except for the location of the "on / off " switch which is really hidden and somewhat hard to get to
BillettSilver, (Woodbury, MN) on Nov 25, 2013
Great little kit
Great little kit, surge protector is a great investment.