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ProForm Fitness Tips: Simple Ways To Succeed With Fitness At Home

Posted on 2017-06-19

“Hi, I’m Carissa. Your personal trainer from ProForm. Are you ready to begin your fitness journey? I’m here to help you achieve your fitness goals. It may seem hard to start, but I’m going to make it simple. Find something you love to do and bring it into your home. Then you can exercise regardless of the weather, the time of day, and even while dinner is in the oven. (read more)

ProForm Success Story: Jeff Talks About Pushing Himself With Interval Training On A Treadmill

Posted on 2017-06-01

“My name is Jeff and I feel great. I really do like the treadmill. I enjoy getting my heart rate up, pushing myself as far as speed. I like doing sprint training. I like doing, you know, run as fast you can, jump off the side and rest for a short period of time, then get back on and run as fast as you can again. I like pushing myself that way. (read more)

The Puzey Brothers: Post Boston Marathon

Posted on 2017-05-08

Altra shares some insight of the Boston Marathon: Altra’s endurance team raced hard in Boston and posted some impressive results: Tommy “Rivers” Puzey clocked an Olympic qualifying time of 2:18:20 and finished 16th overall and Jacob Puzey ran a solid race with a time of 2:26:52. We share a couple of Altra’s athletes’ post-Boston reflections below: “I poured my whole soul out onto that course and yet somehow left feeling even more full of life and love and gratitude than before I toed the line. (read more)

ProForm Success Story : Craig Talks About How The Cardio HIIT Trainer Has Improved His Life

Posted on 2017-05-04

“Hey, my name is Craig and I feel great. I could tell I was just out of shape. A little overweight and I saw myself in the mirror and I just thought it’s time to do it. It’s time to do something. This is the first time I’ve ever tried a program. When I’m on it, I don’t have any pain whatsoever, afterwards, other than sore muscles. Going from eating a lot of garbage to the diet that they put us on, has been a game-changer. (read more)

Weight Training For Beginners

Posted on 2017-05-01

Weight training has many benefits in helping you strive to be the best you. Not only will it help you lose that stubborn weight and burn more calories, but it includes many health benefits such as reducing blood pressure, protecting your bone health, increasing coordination as well as balance just to name a few. We have taken out the guesswork for you and compiled a short beginner’s weight training workout for you to try: (read more)

ProForm Success Story: Carolyn Talks About Getting A Full-Body Workout At Home With An Elliptical

Posted on 2017-04-24

“My name is Carolyn and I feel amazing. I felt like I was kind of destined to just be the size I was and after a couple of weeks I was noticing changes in my body even though I maybe haven’t lost a lot of weight yet. My arms were getting stronger, uh, and as it went on with each weigh in, the pounds kept dropping, the nutrition program got easier. (read more)

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