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ProForm Fitness Tip : How To Get Started with Cardio At Home


“Hi, I’m Carissa. Your personal trainer from ProForm. Everyone has different fitness goals and reason for beginning an exercise routine, but the foundation to most goals is incorporating cardio. Cardio increases blood flow and oxygen to your body, igniting your system on a path to success.

I recommend using a tracker device to see what your activity level is now. Wear it and don’t change anything for the first two weeks. The first week you begin your routine, add five to ten minutes of movements. The key is doing more than you did yesterday, but start with success in mind. Begin with three days a week at a time limit you feel comfortable with.

A fun product to use is an elliptical. It has almost a zero gravity feel, which is gentler on your body and joints. The bike allows you to sit down for your workout. Treadmills are great because they follow your natural path of movement, while challenging your core and your balance.

Here’s another tip: get a piece of equipment with the timer so you know how long you’ve gone. If you’re using cardio equipment like a treadmill or elliptical, start at level one, two or three. See how you feel and then add more every week to see your personal success.”