Treadmill Buyer's Guide


Workout Apps

Workout Apps
  • Every treadmill has 18 to 38 workout apps designed by a certified personal trainer so you can do a different workout every day
  • Incline, decline, and resistance automatically adjust during the workout.

Every ProForm treadmill is packed with workout apps designed by a certified personal trainer. Starting with 18 and maxing out at 38, you can choose a different workout every day. Select from intensity, performance, weight loss, incline, speed, calorie-burn, and interval workouts ready to challenge and inspire your fitness.

The incline, decline, and resistance automatically adjust throughout each program, allowing you to focus on the workout-hands free.


  • iFIT connects your machine to an online community with training tools to track your fitness, and plan your workouts.
  • Access your account from your machine, computer, or mobile devices to review your stats, schedule workouts, and share your success.

iFIT® technology connects you and your ProForm® machine to online interactive training tools that track your fitness, plan your workouts, and adapt to your progress. With iFIT®, you're also part of an enthusiastic fitness community that supports you through all your fitness goals.

Partnered with top trainers like Jillian Michaels and some of the biggest events in the world like Le Tour de France, iFIT® provides the most comprehensive library of training programs.

Access your iFIT® account from your exercise equipment, computer, tablet, or smart phone to review your stats, schedule workouts, and share your success. Your profile information is stored securely in the iFIT® cloud and is available anytime, anywhere.



All ProForm treadmills come with an iPod® compatible music port. Simply plug your iPod or MP3 player into the Intermix Acoustics Sound System and stay inspired with your favorite power music. Each treadmill features two speakers available in 2-inch and 3-inch sizes.



  • CONTINUOUS HORSEPOWER (CHP): constant power output of the motor while it is running at a continuous speed
  • 1.5 to 2.5 CHP is sufficient for most people.
  • ProForm's motors range from 2.25 to 4.25 CHP.

Many experts agree that horsepower-specifically continuous horsepower, is the most important feature to consider when purchasing a treadmill. Continuous horsepower is the constant power output of the motor while it is running at a continuous speed. The larger the motor the more powerful it will operate at a continuous rate. A rating of 1.5 to 2.5 continuous horsepower is probably sufficient for most people's home fitness machines. But if you anticipate a heavier workout schedule, you'll want to go with a larger motor.

At ProForm, our Mach Motor starts at 2.25 CHP and we don't stop until the Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor at 4.25 CHP. We know a serious athlete trains hard every day. As you browse our treadmills, consider your training schedule when looking at motor size and power.


  • ProForm automatic incline training treadmills add resistance, burn up to five times more calories, and increase muscle tone.
  • Power Series incline up to 15%.
  • Performance Series vary from 10 to 15% incline.
  • PRO series incline up to 15% and decline 3%.

Incline training adds resistance to your workout, burns up to five times more calories, and increases muscle tone. ProForm offers powered, automatic incline adjustability. This convenient feature allows you to change the incline while you're walking or running to challenge your workout and add a little variety. And when you're ready to take your workout seriously, select a treadmill with decline training, too.

ProForm offers a range of incline and decline options. Our Power Series and PRO Series treadmills incline up to 15 percent; while the Performance Series offers more variety from 10 to 15 percent incline. The PRO series also includes 3 percent decline for total muscle toning.



Most people walk in the 3 to 6 mph range, while runners move at about 6 to 10 mph. With a ProForm treadmill, our average maximum speed is 12 mph. And if you're ready to push your limits, the Boston Marathon Treadmill offers an incredible 15 mph max.


Tread Belt

Tread Belt
  • ProForm decks range from 55 to 62 inches-perfect for all athletes.
  • Tread belts are either 1-ply or 2-ply. Most people prefer a thicker deck for more cushioning.
  • 2-ply tread belts are more stretch resistant and require less maintenance than 1-ply tread belts.

Our maintenance-free tread belts feature a spray-on lubricant that will last for 200 hours of activity. Our tread belts also have metallic fibers woven into the belt to dissipate static buildup. To ensure our treadmills are top quality, we test each belt for one million cycles double the user weight before releasing it.

Treadmill belts vary in length-depending on whether the model is designed for walkers, joggers, or runners. Walkers are usually happy with a shorter belt length, while runners like to stretch out their stride. ProForm decks range from 55 to 62 inches-perfect for all athletes.

Products being returned must be disassembled and packaged in the original box or comparable package. If you do not have a box, we can provide one for you.

We provide an option between 1-ply and 2-ply tread belts on our machines. Most people prefer a thicker deck, which offers your legs and joints more cushioning and comfort. A 2-ply tread belt is also more stretch resistant and requires less maintenance than your typical 1-ply tread belt. With the high-quality 2-ply tread belt, you also won't have to tighten the rollers as often and you'll enjoy a quieter and more stable workout-which explains why people often place a higher priority on their tread belt thickness when planning their treadmill purchase.


  • CoolAire fans manually adjust speed from low to high with quick console controls.
  • AutoBreeze fans automatically change the airflow to match the intensity of your workouts, or you can change the settings manually.

ProForm offers two workout fan options: the CoolAire and AutoBreeze, built into our treadmills.

Manually adjust the CoolAire fan speed from low to high with quick console controls.

The AutoBreeze fan automatically changes the airflow to match the intensity of your workouts. And if you prefer a definite setting, simply select low, medium, or high on your console.


  • CUSHIONING: shock absorption system that reduces the impact on your joints as you run.
  • Runners FlexTM offers complete cushioning control and is the absolute best.
  • ProShoxTM reduces impact by 28%.
  • ProShoxTM Plus reduces impact by 30%.
  • ProShoxTM Elite reduces impact by 33%.

As you run, your foot steps down on the treadmill deck. When this happens it creates an impact force more than twice your body weight. Unless your treadmill is equipped with a shock absorption system, this energy is then transmitted back up your leg causing fatigue and stress.

Every ProForm treadmill is equipped with cushioning, helping you work out longer and recover faster. The absolute best cushioning system is our Runners Flex cushioning system found on our Boston Marathon Treadmill Series, which offers runners complete cushioning control. Select on and the full-length suspension reduces impact on your joints. Choose off for a road-like simulation.

Our other treadmills feature ProShox technology, which is an air-based absorption system that responds to your movement, changing the elevation of the deck with every step. This keeps your muscles engaged throughout the entire motion, while reducing impact by up to 28%. The ProShox Plus reduces impact by 30%, and the ProShox Elite cushioning systems reduce impact up to 33%.



  • Displays range from full color touchscreen to RaceTrack® display to multi-window priority.
  • Displays show speed, time, distance, incline, and calories burned.

ProForm® treadmills come with a variety of display options. From full color touchscreen to RaceTrack® display to multi-window priority-you'll always have your key workout stats ready at-a-glance.

Train smart with your workout speed, time, distance, incline, and calories burned easily displayed. Your console will also help you access built-in workout programs, iFIT® technology, iPod® volume control, resistance levels, Quick Incline and QuickSpeed® controls, and more.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor
  • To monitor your heart rate on the console, either place your hand on the EKG Grip Pulse during your workout or use a wireless chest strap transmitter.
  • Several treadmills include the wireless chest strap with purchase.

A heart rate monitor is an effective way to improve your aerobic endurance, lose weight, or assess your fitness level. With ProForm, you have two options available on our treadmills. Place your hands on the EKG Grip Pulse throughout your workout to receive accurate and instantaneous readings.

Many of our models include an interface that communicates with a wireless chest strap transmitter. The chest strap broadcasts your heart rate information to the treadmill console, where you can easily stay in your target heart rate zone. Several of our treadmills even include the wireless chest strap with purchase.

SpaceSaver Design


Our patented, revolutionary SpaceSaver® design is available on almost every ProForm treadmill. Fold the deck up and out of the way to maximize your training space. Also, look for our additional EasyLift Assist, which provides a powerful shock that helps lift the deck with an easy push.

After you have the treadmill folded up, use our built-in transport wheels to move it easily from room to room.