2011 Le Tour De France Customer Review

2011 Le Tour De France

Way Cool Bike

(Negaunee,Mik) on Oct 13, 2011


Comments: First off, I have never been a fan of stationary bikes. I always had the impression of a hamster in a wheel..However with the TDF along with IFit Live and being able to create my own maps, its ALMOST as good as riding my road bike without the traffic and bumps etc.The bike pretty faithfully follows the terrain and raises and lowers accordingly. Quality wise its built pretty well and is very sturdy. There was an issue with the console at first but that was quickly replaced and no more problems encountered. It appears that IFit is a work in progress. There are occasional glitches but they are working them out. One neat thing is they are starting competitions for the TDF. Overall I would highly recommend the bike for those long winter nights.