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(Duluth, Georgia) on Jun 25, 2013


Comments: I liked the idea of the TDF2012 with the iFIT. I cycle because it lets me see a lot in a short period of time and the iFIT promised that too. Although there have been some bad experiences noted in other reviews, I have some friends who have a TDF2012 and three of them have used it for over a year. Their only issue is a few things have worked themselves loose that had to be tightened. They recommended the extended warranty but they said after everything finally got tightened they haven't had any trouble. I opted to setup mine myself. My unit came well packaged and I was pleased to see how protected the painted surfaces were. If you want to unpack things without completely destroying the packing material you will definitely need a 2nd person. Once I got the unit out of the box I could take care of the rest myself. The screws came on a shrink wrapped cardboard package printed with a description as opposed to loose in a bag and that made life easier. The machine screws also had been pretreated with blue Loctite to help keep them from cominng loose. On the cardboard was also Alan wrenches and a pedal wrench. You are also going to need a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, 13mm wrench (for the seat) and something to cut the tape on all the protection. The user manual gives you step by step instruction on how to assemble the thing and I did not run into anything wrong or missing. It's all pretty intuitive. You do need to be careful with the wires going up through the handlebar post to the console to not pinch the wires. It's not difficult to avoid but the penalty would be severe. Be careful taking the protective plastic off the console screen to avoid scratching it. If there was any complaint it was that the owner manual could have had a few more pictures and descriptions of how to use the console. I suppose it could have been worse if they put it in Morse code but this is what cost them the 5th star on the review. All the little pictogram buttons and such are not intuitive. Once you use them once no problem but that first time... Both the owner manual and the protective covering on the screen had a big STOP warning page admonishing you to first thing check for firmware updates. Not bad advice but in reality you have to establish a network connection with your WIFI before you are going to be able to do that. I used the Standard WIFI Setup. My WIFI setup uses WEP that uses a simple 10 hex digit (0-9,a-f) password. I didn't expect a problem and didn't have any. The unit connected first try without problems. WEP is an older security method and not all that secure. If you have one of the newer methods like WPA, WPA2 or WPS the unit should support it but I would be prepared for a bit more hassle. If you had problems getting your laptop on your network you will probably have problems with this too. Once connected to my WIFI I went and checked for updated firmware as directed. In my case the unit came back that my firmware was up to date so no updates were required. I also ran the Network Test in the Maintenance menu which checks that everything the unit needs it can do. The Technical Info section of the Maintenance menu will also show you the IP address and MAC address of the TDF2012 on your network. My heartrate monitor just worked. If you are going to use the iFIT I suggest that you go ahead and set up your account before you get into the TDF2012 setup. The reason for this is that the next thing you are going to need to do (if you want to use iFIT) is put you iFIT user name and password into the TDF2012. This is also a bit confusing because iFIT covers several different disciplines and the TDF2012 is just one of numerous devices that are supported. Just go ahead and create your account so you have a user name and password. Later you will want to take their tour and watch their videos. On the TDF2012 I just entered my iFIT user name/password and it connected the first time. All of this login information is stored in some sort of non-volatile memory so when you power the TDF2012 down and back up it should just connect to your WIFI and iFIT without any action on your part. On iFIT I was able to download the free TDF route workouts and was able to create my own. Not sure why but some of these go to Map, some to Event Training, etc. Not sure of the strategy here by iFIT but I eventually found everything. The iFIT Live is still a Beta software. I was able to see the Google street view on both my computer monitor and iPAD. Not really sure if it is because of something on iFIT I clicked or just because I was doing a iFIT Live workout but "Live Workout!Beta" appeared on my dashboard and if I clicked that the Google street view got added to my choices and displayed. When it's up and going it's cool! Nothing will beat actually being there but the imagery is enough to decouple my brain from my aching legs and that's all I ever wanted!