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Great Concept, Terrible Delivery

(Ogden, UT) on Jan 12, 2013


Comments: Lots of excitement leading up to this purchase - unfortunately the electronics are wo-fully lacking. I try riding a stage on the Tour, going at an 8% decline and the "intelligent" bike adjusts the resistance from super easy to extra difficult. Have contacted Proform MULTIPLE times (6 to be exact) via email and by phone, NEVER heard back at all. I went to update the firmware, the console locks up every time - can't even cancel out of it...On and on. The only reason for posting this is not to complain, but to help others know about what they may potentially experience. It is a lot of money and I Just would have liked to know about this before I purchased. Excellent concept, I would wait until they get one or two more generations further and wait until Proform actually cares about their customer service. Also, if you area a taller rider, this bike may not go tall enough (I'm 6'3" and it is about 1-2 inches too short at max height).