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(Dallas, TX) on Feb 16, 2013


Comments: I bought the 2011 Le Tour Trainer for $2,000 new from ICON, and while it is a neat concept, the bike has been NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS. In the 2 years I have owned it, the console has been replaced twice (burned out and bad board), crank and flywheel replaced (sheered bolts), incline motor failure and now motherboard failure. Literally everything on it has failed except the seat! The extended warranty doesn't help as you dont have use of the bike (in two years mine has worked properly for ~ 3 months)and they cant fix whats already a cheap quality product. You will also be on hold FOREVER trying to get customer support...why, bc everyone is having the same failures and issues. I will update this post and share my reviews elsewhere, letting folks know what ICON does to replace this bike or refund my money. Maybe I got a lemon, but based on the other posts, it is just an inferior manufactured Chinese product. Save the headaches and your money and spend the $2K on a quality made trainer elsewhere. ------------------------------------------------------------------------