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Power 990

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Well built machine

(Austin, TX) on Oct 19, 2010


Comments: If you are thinking of buying this machine for the ifit live feature, you probably already know that the module costs extra. But, what they fail to mention up front is that you must also pay an ongoing monthly subscription fee in order to use it. Consequently, I have not purchased the add-on ifit module and have no plans to do so. Very disappointing! Had I known, I would've purchased a different model that uses the workout card technology instead. For this reason, I rated the 990 only 4 stars instead of 5. Having said that, I've used this machine 5 days a week for about a month now and it performs beautifully. Very well constructed, user friendly and relatively quiet. The treadbelt and cushioning system on the 990 is much easier on the joints than my previous Proform model. I thought the speakers would be a nice feature, but you can barely hear them if you run the fan simultaneously. Be advised, this machine is quite heavy to lift into the storage position. This is because the entire motor housing and all tilts up, not just the treadbelt, as in some older models. Hoisting it up and lowering it can be a bit challenging if you are a smaller person, or if you have any physical limitations. The 16 built-in workouts sounds like a lot, but realistically there are only a few that the average person could use. I find the others to be either too intense or too long, and I've been working out regularly for years. All in all, a great machine that is enjoyable to use, but beware of the ongoing monthly subscription fees if you plan to purchase the ifit live module.