Power 995 Customer Review

Power 995

First Class treadmill

(Ocala, FL) on Oct 25, 2013


Comments: Sturdy, well-made treadmill. Provides numerous options for your workout. So far just using manual mode which can be changed in tenths increments or whole number increments as your working out; both treadmill speed and incline can be changed as your working out. Assembly was fairly easy, assembled it by myself in about 3 hours ( follow instructions ). If you are mechanically inclined, it is not difficult to assemble. One note: do not tighten lower screws on upright before attaching console, my mistake. Leave them about 1-2 turns loose, that allows freedom of movement to line up console. This is an excellent product and well worth the investment. The only negative is the fans are weak, but personally don't need them.