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Performance 1450

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Helping Me Recover From My Accident

(Los Angeles, CA) on Jan 8, 2011


Comments: I just got the 1450 and love it.  I was worried that the console would be too technical for me, but found it very easy to use.  It is so easy to pick one of the built in workouts or choose between my iFit Live workouts.  I really like that the built in workouts have a preview before you choose the workout.  That way, if I want a workout that is more difficult I can look over all of them and choose the one I want.  I tried some of the incline workouts and really liked that I could see what the maximum incline would be for each workout and how the incline would change throughout the workout to choose which would be best for me.  It is comfortable on my knees (especially after a torn ACL from skiing) and has helped me lose 40lbs of my post accident weight gain.  I am excited every day to use my new Performance 1450.