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Performance 1450

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Amazing machine

(Evergreen, Colorado) on Apr 7, 2011


Comments: I bought the 1450 a few weeks ago and it s been worth every penny. I ve now ran in two competition races with two more already schedule via ifit live and have had a great time. I chose the free delivery option which meant they would deliver it to my garage. The hardest part of the assembly process was simply getting it into my basement as it was packed in one 250lb box. Once there, unpacking it and assembling it took about 2 hours, thanks to good assembly instructions that are easy to follow. The engineering to fit everything into that one box was in itself impressive. I debated between the 1450 and another machine that didn t have the built in browser but have found that it was well worth the extra money to not have to deal with a laptop or iPad type device. Everything is right there on the treadmill. I had my last Proform treadmill for 13 years and didn t realize how far they have come since. This machine is REALLY built. It is heavy and solid. No rattles or wiggles when running on it. I absolutely love using ifit live to run through maps of my own creation. I ran through London one night and my old neighborhood the next night. It really does make you feel like you are there. Ifit live still has some quirks such as you currently can t share maps that you create, or copy other people s maps; the button to switch from street view to map view is tiny and hard to hit when you are running. Ifit advertises it works with facebook, but it turns out that the information it sends is not correct. You could run a 5k in 30 minutes, but it will report to all your friends you just ran 4 miles in 70 minutes! So, turn that feature off till it s fixed. Overall however, ifit live is a great motivational system. The only part of the 1450 I m not impressed with is the speakers. They sound very tinny (think AM radio), and the claim of iPod compatible is kind of a misnomer. It has a headphone jack that plugs into your iPod and into the side of the treadmill which you could use for anything with a