510 E Customer Review

510 E


(Richmond, KY) on Jun 6, 2013


Comments: The biggest problem is getting the wobbling under control. Once you've got that, then it's a great piece of machinery. My biggest complaint other than the wobbling, is the iFit Live module. If it wasn't for this machine, I never would have purchased the module - so, I'm basing my review on the fact that iFit is promoted through ProForm's products. The module is terrible - it absolutely refuses to connect to my network and everything has been tried; I spent an additional $100 on this module, simply because it was promoted by my elliptical, and I thought it would be a great addition. Boy was I wrong - it's cause nothing but headache since I've had it (as it won't connect), and official support for the module is shady at best. If this didn't support the iFit module, I'd easily give this elliptical 4 stars (the wobbling is what does it in). Setup was pretty quick for this as well - took me about 5 hours, and I was alone and have never set one up before.