290 SPX Customer Review

290 SPX

Robust Bike, Excellent Value

(Michigan) on Nov 9, 2010


Comments: I have been shopping spin bikes for several years but they've been price prohibitive- until now. I am an endurance athlete and my equipment gets used hard. I have worn out several cheaper treadmills- I've also worn out a similarly priced magnetic resistance bike trainer in about a year. After reading the reviews and inspecting the 290SPX at a local store I was impressed enough to give it a go. I am leery of buying cheaper equipment again but the 290SPX looks rock solid. If you're looking for longevity in an inexpensive piece of equipment a spin bike is probably the ultimate bang for your buck. Especially now that lower steel prices and main stream mass production have made them affordable. They are no longer the more expensive niche they used to be. My first impressions with this bike are very good. It was packaged well, went together in a snap- with few parts required for the simple design. It is built like a tank using heavy gauge steel and robust hardware. Only six supplied bolts are required for assembly which are heavy duty and even coated with lock-tight to prevent back-out. I am a product designer for a major consumer appliance company and work in sheet metal design extensively and I am impressed with the 290SPX's simplicity and robustness of design . There just aren't many things that can go wrong with this bike. The 290SPX is fairly smooth and quiet but not perfect. There is a subtle pulsating hum (or slight vibration) apparent especially when more resistance is applied. It is not a deal breaker, and only a minor annoyance, but prevents me from rating this a 5-star ( I would give it 4 1/2 if I could). I am not yet able to discern if the source is the flywheel bearing or something else. My fear is that it will degrade over time and become a major issue. I will re-post in the spring with my findings. It is the cold and snowy off season where I live so by spring this bike will have been thoroughly abused. Several reviewers have sited the absence of a computer console as a drawback. With a diffe