290 SPX Customer Review

290 SPX

Excellent Value and an Excellent Bike

(Northern California) on Nov 24, 2010


Comments: I just bought my bike today. I was able to bring it up to my place by myself, but it is not recommended since most of it is pre-assembled and quite heavy (but it is possible provided you remove it from the box and can safely lift around 85 lbs - the approx weight of the main unit). Set up was a breeze as the instructions were quite clear and most of it comes pre-assembled. All bolts, washers, and tools came in a shrink-wrapped package, so no worries about it being incomplete/lost. I tried it out for several minutes today and found it to be quite smooth and easy to adjust. Some reviewers complained about noise from the wheel, but I just heard a low hum so it didn't bother me. I bought the bike primarily to get exercise while watching television. I, therefore, am looking for some level of comfort in addition to performance. To attain this, I did - or will do - the following: 1 - replaced the seat with a gel seat for a more comfortable ride. 2 - I found the handlebars to be non-slip, but also very hard and not very comfortable. Tomorrow, I will go look for gel-padded riding gloves. I will also get forearm pads (the kind used for football) so my arms can be more comfortable if I lay them on the handlebar. I also found the toe cage kind of difficult to use, though this may improve with practice. I am considering buying clipless pedals since I am thinking of getting a road bike next spring and having clipless pedals on the trainer would get me used to them. Some reviewers noted the absence of computers to calculate calories, speed, etc. While that is true, I personally don't really need it and wasn't expecting it at this price. Overall, a well-constructed product at an outstanding price point. Provided you don't want all the high-end bells and whistles, this is a good example of the phrase "at this price, you can't go wrong".