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Gen 1.5

(Northern Colorado) on Jan 26, 2012


Comments: I got mine when they were transitioning between generations. I have the old generation 1 seat bracket (-1), the new console (+1) and the new handlebar shifters (love). I don't really like the old bracket that holds the seat because I can feel my thighs touch it when I'm pedaling. The new one looks smoother, but it's hard to tell. The new console is nice and the handlebar shifters are a GREAT upgrade. I wish the Q-factor was a little more slim (to make it closer to my road bike). One thing that I've had to fuss with a little is the left crank arm. Usually the left side of the drivetrain has reverse threads so that you're not trying to loosen the fasteners on every pedal stroke. The pedal threads are correct, but the bolt that holds the crankarm in place is not. I've had it come loose on me a couple times. Finally, I removed the bolt, wiped everything down and reinstalled using high-temp/high-use loctite. So far, this seems to be holding. Honestly, this is all of the cons that I have. Everything else is pretty amazing. I love that I can put my regular training rides into the iFit program and ride them in the basement. I think the resistance on the bike is more than it is on the road, but it's training, and I'd rather have it harder than too easy. The iFit website is a little clunky as far as interface goes, but it does get the job done. I used to hate basement rides that were an hour or more, and on the TdF, it's engaging enough that it's no longer a miserable undertaking. I really look forward to riding on my training days in the basement now. I would give it 4.5 stars.