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So far so good

(Tampa, FL) on Mar 25, 2012


Comments: The bike was very easy to set up, and despite what everyone else had to say about the complications of setting up the ifit link, mine went off without a hitch. Some aspects of the assembly were a pain (like screwing on the handlebar cover), but I managed it by myself, so obviously it wasn't that difficult. I've now done 4 training rides on the bike. The saddle is not very comfortable, and I'm debating throwing down for another Fizik Arione, which is what I ride on my road bike. I've ridden three "stages" of the Tour de France, one "stage" of Paris-Nice that I drew in myself, and a 3 mile hill climb in Cape Town, South Africa, that was in the favorites section of the ifit website. Here's what I've noticed/learned so far: 1)The TdF stages are not complete stages, but rather are excerpts of stages. Most of them are under 18 miles total. The longest workout you can have is 25 miles. So conceivably you could draw 4 maps of a complete stage in four parts. 2)There does not seem to be a way to import pre-built maps. I was at the Cycling the Alps website and was hoping to just send their maps to my ifit account. No dice. 3)Despite the bike having a "Polar enabled" logo directly embossed upon it, I have yet to be able to get my Polar HRM to sync with the bike console. If it does, it doesn't display it anywhere obvious. 4)It's pretty awesome to be able to climb a 19.5% grade in the comfort of your own living room! 5)Street-view does not seem to work with the 3.5" console monitor. Supposedly you can display street view through a tablet or your tv,, but I've yet to figure out how to do this. 6)The calories burned tracked by the bike actually seems to be more accurate than my HRM. 7)As a shorter person (5'4"), I have to lean to reach the handlebars quite a bit. This makes assuming an aero position pretty unlikely. Coming up out of the saddle is also a wobbly proposition, except for on grades of 8% or higher. All told, I'm really pleased with my purchase. Most of my reservations have to do with i