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Performance 1450

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Worth the splurge

(MA) on Dec 24, 2011


Comments: After years of having mid level treadmills, I decided to treat myself. What a wonderful treat. The treadmill comes with lots of programs, ability to check your email, progam in your own routes, and that's just the start. I find it a little difficult to run and read some of the news stories on CNBC but some of them come in video form. The only difficulty so far has been getting this machine into the house and then getting it together( I did not pay additional $$$ to get it brought into the house and set up). A very handy friend and I set it up and it took about 3 1/2 hours. We struggled with aligning the cupholders. Also ,althougn the screws are color coded, there is no indication of where the color coded screws are to go. You have to go by size as depicted in the manual. Now that it's set up, having loads of fun.