2011 Le Tour De France Customer Review

2011 Le Tour De France

Great bike!

(Mtn. Home, ID) on Oct 13, 2011


Comments: I've had this bike for several months now. I must say that I really like it. The incline and decline are superb! It is super quiet and i can listen to my music and not have to worry about cranking it up to overpower the noise of the bike. The ergonomics are good. The only thing i have found is that when i stand to pedal my knees hit the handlebars (Im 6'1"). I have adjusted the bars up and have better success. The bike is easy to adjust and fits my wife as well who is 5'8". I love the Google map feature. I program in rides that i do on my regular bike and ride them and feel like it works me more than the real bike. Overall i've really enjoyed this bike. When weather prohibits riding outside, this bike is nice to have inside!!