2011 Le Tour De France Customer Review

2011 Le Tour De France

It makes indoor cycling fun

(rural MD) on Oct 13, 2011


Comments: I am an engineer and I've had my TDF apart due to a maintenance issue. The mechanics of this bike are first class. The frame is beefy and the welds are quality. The lift motor and resistance motor appear solid. In my opinion, the wiring, while adequate, is not the same quality as the rest of the bike. When mounting the console to the handlebars, it is possible to pinch/nick the wires in the bars with the console mounting screws. I am not an elite cyclist, but this bike simulates riding a real bike quite well. I've mapped a couple of local routes with iFit and the hill changes are surprising accurate. Overall, this is a very clever product and several of my friends want to try it out.