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Pay the Extra and get the Gen 2!

(Los Gatos CA) on Mar 18, 2012


Comments: I have some experience of both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 bikes and my very firm advice - pay the extra dollars and get the Gen 2, it is MASSIVELY better than the Gen 1. Several key differences - the biggest is the handlebar shifters, much better than the console buttons on the Gen 1. The bike now feels a lot more like a regular road bike. In fact, better than that - it feels like a road bike upgraded to electronic gear shifters a la Shimano Di2! Second key difference is that the Gen 2 supports a heart rate monitor (Polar) - Gen 1 does not. Third difference - the saddle is now adjustable. This may or may not be important to you but for me, it made a huge difference in comfort. Cons - the iFit/Google Maps integration is still a little shaky but has gotten much much better over the last few months. Also, it would be really nice if the iFit captured all of your workout data (rather than just summaries). And it doesn't capture HRM info at all at this time. Bottom line - highly recommended.