2011 Le Tour De France Customer Review

2011 Le Tour De France

Bugs R gettin' better

(NW) on Oct 29, 2011


Comments: Very cool, with a lap top to bike along any google photographed road in the world, The ifit system bugs were horrible at first, but with their updates and progress it is great (no more frustrating than any tech device). You can even send maps and challenge a friend riding the real road in their neighborhood! You will need good Wifi signal where your bike is located!!! The bike itself is excellent...like any bike add a gel seat unless you have your own gel :) The workout setting and own pace with ifit maps is fantastic. The incline is unbelievably good. The bike makes only a wisp of air noise adding the realism as well as allowing for your headphones (plug in in bike) or stereo to be enjoyed along the virtual road.