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990 CSE

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Wonderful investment in my health

(Indiana) on Mar 31, 2012


Comments: I am not one who usually posts reviews on my purchases, but I am totally impressed with my Pro Form 990 CSE elliptical. It took my husband and me about 2 hours to completely put the machine together. The instructions were easy to read and to follow. I have only had the elliptical for a week, but I am actually enjoying the workout. I don’t know how this machine compares with ones of commercial status because I haven’t used those often. I read several reviews that the fan was loud and overall worthless. I don’t feel it is loud in the least, but it is aimed quite off. I’m 5’7” and the air from the fan hits just under my breasts. You can’t feel it on you through a light t-shirt…So, I am going with worthless also. I like the speaker system and use it with my iphone. I was afraid that the machine would rock while I was using it, but there are no signs of that. It is a very study elliptical. I haven’t used the optional ifit module yet. If you are just starting out and what a mid-priced elliptical, I would recommend this one.