18.0 RE Customer Review

18.0 RE

Meets my expectations

(Chicago, IL) on Feb 7, 2012


Comments: Delivery went well and nothing was broke. Took and hour and a half to put together, but I was not rushing it. I had absolutely no problems with manual and parts. Those that complain must have never used a tool in their life. They have a great kit with all washers, bolts and nuts packaged together on a sheet of cardboard with allen wrenches to put together. As far as using the machine I'm still reviewing, but no squeaks unless you weigh over 200lbs!! Electronics and LCD screen appear good and easy to use. MP3 interface works ok, but it's not a Bose! Fan also works ok, but does not blow you off the machine. Not bad for a middle of the road machine. I'll post anything new that I find.