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Hybrid Trainer

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Pro-Form is a great value

(Holiday Island, Arkansas) on Mar 17, 2013


Comments: After using a Pro Form recumbent exercise machine at my health club I did a search for Proform exercise equipment with the possibility of purchasing one for my home. Similar models were around 3 to 4 thousand dollars. That nixed my choice until one day the Hybrid Trainer popped up on my computer for $399. I immediately ordered it and have been completely satisfied with the purchase and now having this wonderful piece of equipment. It fits perfectly at the bottom of my queen size bed and helps me get my heart moving the moment I get out of bed. After two complete knee reploacements last August and October this has been just what I needed to get my knees strengthened and flexible. The mechanism is smooth and allows me to adjust the tension on the peddles in increments. It is an amazing piece of equipment for the price and I would have gladly paid twice the amount for what I got.