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. . . a compliment to our TC-3000 for Cardiac-Rehab

(Washington State) on Jan 12, 2013


Comments: My equipment was delivered promptly (5 business days after order) in a relatively undamaged container. The outside of the box took quite a few hits, but the contents were more than adequately packed and secure containing no apparent damage. A better quality corrugated box would have withstood the shipping better, rather than the somewhat soft materials the shipping container was made from. Probably corrugated stock form offshore (most likely China)! My life now, as a 62-year-old undergoing Cardiac-Rehab, will spend a lot of time with this equipment and our existing TreadClimber (TC-3000). The TC-3000 is no longer just my wife’s torture, as she will gladly share it with me. A first trial of the features (both elliptical and recumbent) and their settings, I believe demonstrates that this equipment is will more than adequately fill my needs, and then some! The contents of the box was exceptionally packed and well marked (a couple of very minor no-no’s), and all of the parts well protected for shipping. My initial time was spent just unpacking the contents of the box and laying the parts out in a logical pattern. After a quick review of the assembly instructions away I went. I quickly traded the provided Allen wrenches for a ratchet and Allen socket to save myself time and pain. Once again, with very few hiccups in the assembly instructions I had my system assembled in 2 hours and 5 minutes. It is clear to me that no one involved with design had an input in the instructions, and likewise no one writing the instructions had any substantial experience in assembly. Overall though I would say a well documented piece of equipment from China. Another 20 minutes to cut up the packing material and make a neat pile for the recycler and my job was done. A first trial of the feautures and settings I believe demonstrates that this equipment is will more than adequately fill my needs, and then some! The price was right and the shipping quite commendable.