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If it worked......

(Nawlins, La.) on Feb 20, 2013


Comments: Purchased this Nov. 2012 for a Christmas gift for the wife. Put it together after Christmas. The resistance setting never worked. It was on the hardest setting and would not change, you could here the motor running to change the resistance but nothing happened. The service tech. responded very quickly, and said the eddy mechanism was bad and ordered a new one, of course it was on back order. This must be a bad design if they can't keep this part in stock. Made a call to Pro-form in early Feb. and was told there was 18 of the eddy mechanisms on back order.It is now Feb. 20th and this machine sits unused. I purchased this because the wife has limited mobility and wanted to be able to sit down while using this machine. Because of the broken part she was unable to use it at all, I did use it a couple of times and it was a workout because in its broken state it was on the highest setting. I really hope they can upgrade the eddy mechanism to one that won't break. The wife wanted to send it back but I was told the return had to be done within the first 30 days, and I had purchased it a month before putting it together. Putting it together was more involved than expected, nothing hard but it did take longer than expected. Just follow the instructions and you should be fine. This has a footprint of 2ft. by 5ft. and I would say you need at least a 3X6+ft area for it.