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Proform ellipitical - bike hybrid - Tremendous Value

(Long Island, NY) on Mar 8, 2013


Comments: I recently purchased the Proform Hybrid ellipitcal - bike trainer as a major upgrade to my wife's old stationary bike....I shopped around on-line and also visited several stores and found this machine to be the a perfect upgrade...the price was excellent and the machine is solid, well engineered and well constructed. The digital display has both pre-programmed bike and ellpital workout routines or you can do custom work outs at various intensity levels. I ordered the machine on line, it was delivered to my door in about a week. The shipping box is very heavy, so i opened it at my doorway to took all the pieces into our basement workout room. assembly takes 2-3 hours and the assembly instructions are very clear. my wife loves the machine in both modes and had expanded her daily workout into both bicycle and elliptcal routines...i had never used an exercise machinge, but i am now into a 30-40 minute a day elliptical workout using a higher lever, custom intensity routine...the results for both of us have been very good! I have recommended the Proform hybrid to several family and friends....