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Power 995c

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Impressive and motivating

(Greater Upper Mississippi Valley) on Mar 14, 2013


Comments: This puppy just beckons to be used! The air shock absorber feature and the long track are why I bought the model. My body, especially my knees are delighted with how much less of a pounding they get using this machine than the machine I've used for the last 10 years. I wanted the long track so I could rig up am easily removable/installable computer desk on the treadmill's arms and the design of the arms of this treadmill made this very easy to accomplish. Now I can run or jog or walk fast OR I can walk slowly for an extended period of time while I work on my computer. I am very pleased with these things. Although, I didn't buy it for it's mp3 player input, or the fan, or the preprogrammed workouts, I'm pretty tickled with these features as well. There's one design flaw and one design choice that, in combination, resulted in my not giving the thing a 5-star rating. Unfortunately, if you put a book on book holder shelf, you cover up the speakers. I think this could be easily redesigned in the future and hope they think of doing so (they also might consider having an output, for those of us who might want to attach an external speaker). The other design concern that I have is the fact that when collapsed, it is too wide to move through a doorway (sideways). I don't plan to use the ifit system. But I expect it would be kind of cool to use, if I didn't have other things to interest me. The preprogrammed workouts stimulating and they seem to push me to work harder than I might without them. Bottom line: My dog (who uses it, too) and I hope it lasts a long time. We're really quite impressed. Also, I might add that Laura in customer service was very helpful and quick to respond to my query.