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Based on your fitness levels and goals, iFit® Coach recommends specific workouts and delicious recipes to set you on the right course. The included FREE iFit® Vue wearable tracks your calories, activity, and sleep. It's an entire fitness program that's completely customized to you and your needs.

$12/month Membership

(billed annually) with up to 4 users includes:
  • Workouts Powered by Google Maps™
  • Expansive Fitness Library
  • Connected Tracking
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Video Workouts
  • Individualized Nutrition
  • RockMyRun® Membership
  • Customized Sleep Tracking and Tips
  • Online Fitness Community
  • FREE iFit® Vue Wearable

Work Out Anywhere in the World

Google Maps™

From Paris to Sydney, you can experience it all. Workouts powered by Google Maps™ take you around the globe with breathtaking Street View images right on your equipment console or tablet. Plus, with terrain matching technology, you'll feel every hill and dip, as if you're actually outside.

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Train Harder. And Smarter.

Expansive Fitness Library

iFit® Coach makes working out easy and fun. Choose from hundreds of training programs, designed specifically for your equipment. With specialized workouts for every fitness goal, you'll have access to unlimited resources to help you succeed—whether it's crushing your next event or just getting the body you've always wanted.

Get your workout on any device Get your workout on any device

Meal Plans Served Up Just For You

Personalized Nutrition

A big part of fitness is food. Tell iFit Coach what you've eaten, and based on your caloric intake and daily activity, a personalized meal plan is automatically created for you to achieve your fitness goals—with easy-to-follow recipes and video tutorials from our nutrition experts.

Get recipes for your personalized nutrition guidelines

Never Miss A Single Stat

Connected Tracking

iFit® Coach automatically records all of your workouts, so you don't have to. It's the easiest way to see your improvements and measure your progress. With the included iFit fitness tracker, every minute, every mile, and every calorie is accounted for and even used to influence future exercises and nutrition plans.

Trck your workout using wearables and equipment

Legendary Benefits

An iFit Coach membership is like having a personal trainer, a gym membership, workout classes, a nutritionist, and unlimited plane tickets for four people. Think of all the money you'll save in time, gas, and hassle when you join iFit Coach—plus get your included FREE iFit® Vue wearable.

$12/month Membership
with up to 4 users
(billed annually)

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Get individualized fitness training.

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Follow along with live or on-demand video workouts.

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Constantly view your activity stats with automatic tracking.

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Access terrain-matching technology.

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Share your workouts with friends.

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Enjoy support from iFit's online community.

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Connect your account with iFit fitness trackers.

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Hike trails from all over the world.

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Free membership lets you run to the beat of your own workout pace.

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Add 3 Users

Give three more friends all the same iFit Coach benefits at no extra cost.

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Calorie Goals

Customized calorie targets help you eat right.

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Sleep Suggestions

Enjoy customized sleep tips to help you snooze sweeter each night.

Free iFit Wearable Included with Memebership
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