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We train to live.
Fitness should revolve around life.
Not the other way around.
We want to get the most out of life. So we don't live to train. We train to live.
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We value living life to the fullest.
We value moments.
Life is full of experiences that shouldn’t be missed. By making fitness accessible, the moments that matter most become conveniently attainable.
We value strength.
A strong body and a strong mind work together to cultivate complete strength, making it possible to live life to the fullest.
We value relationships.
Where would we be without our relationships? Our connections with family, friends, coworkers, customers, and clients are vital to our success.
You’re a life pro.
You should train like it.
Life is hectic, but you’ve got a great handle on just about everything. That’s what makes you a life pro. With the experience of ProForm’s home-based interactive training and equipment, you’ll live life to the fullest.
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We are ProForm.
The motor and the motivator.
We are not another fly-by-night fitness gimmick as seen on TV. We exist to give the life pro a fitness outlet to become the complete pro of their hectic life.
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ProForm is complete and immersive.
A fitness experience every life pro deserves.
We provide a complete, valuable, and hassle-free strength and cardio training experience at home on the worlds’ only truly interactive and personalized connected fitness platform, iFIT.
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We create life-changing experiences.
Forget confusing workouts, ineffective products, and unnecessary equipment clutter. We design every one of our products with the intent to match the life pro’s lifestyle. We also design every one of our workouts to help life pros find their complete strength.
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This is your life.
Look around.
This is your world.
Your family. Your work.
Your responsibilities. Your body.
This is your life. And you’re a life pro.
Don’t interrupt your world.
Embrace it and find your complete strength.
We don’t live to train. We train to live.
We’re changing the way you look at fitness.
We’re changing the way you look at your life.
You deserve to look good and feel good.
You deserve to live life to the fullest.
You deserve ProForm.
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