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Perfect Indoor Trainer

(Reno,NV) on Jan 29, 2012


Comments: I ride 150+ miles a week, I bought the TDF indoor trainer because I wanted the same training experience that I got outside on my road bike. I've tried other fixed place trainers and didn't get the same realistic feeling as I do on the TDF Gen 2. I know I will get superior results using the TDF trainer due to the specificity of training that I receive, riding realistic simulation of actual courses that I create on iFit live. The gear box feature is very cool. I can set the gears up just like my road bike. Pedaling my favorite course, using the google maps feature, during a snow storm is a lot of fun and very satisfying. The TDF is also extremely quiet compared to other trainers I have had. I can ride in the mornings while my family is sleeping and not wake them. Living where we have a short outdoor season, some winters we ride indoors several months out of the year. Great bike, lots of fun, a wonderful training experience...I have found customer service to be superior, friendly and responsive. I'm telling all of my riding buddies to buy this bike.