290 SPX Customer Review

290 SPX

Short rider & solo assembly

(South Bend, IN) on Dec 11, 2010


Comments: The other reviews convinced me that this was a great bike, but -- as a small woman (I am an even five feet) -- I still had two concerns. Would this bike adjust adequately to accommodate my short legs and arm reach? And, as many reviews noted the heavyweight steel frame, could I unload, unpack, and assemble the bike without any help? Happily, the answer to both questions is YES. The box was much too large and heavy to move on my own, so I simply opened it in the garage and then carried all the individual pieces into the house. The frame and flywheel are preassembled as one piece and were the only real challenge, but even that task was manageable. The totally awesome instructions start by noting that two people are needed to complete the assembly task. I decided, nevertheless, to see how far I could get on my own. Turned out to be an absolute breeze. I seriously could kiss the person(s) responsible for the designing the assembly and the instructions. Of course, the real test was whether I could actually ride the bike. I have the seat and the handlebars on the shortest, most forward settings. The pedals are perfect. The handlebars are a bit of a stretch but will be fine -- just no way I can reach the handlebar extensions. But in my first session I rode for an hour and was delighted with the bike's comfort and performance. THANKS, PRO-FORM, FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!!