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(Tucson, AZ) on Jul 9, 2013


Comments: The machine arrived in about a week in good shape. The Estes delivery person claimed he only needed to leave the machine "at the curb" but would be nice and wheel it into the garage for me. He could not get the big box and pallet to the front door because it was not a straight shot from the driveway. After removing a bunch of staples and plastic straps the top of the box was off and I started carrying pieces into the house and moving cardboard into the front yard. That operation took about an hour but the bottom part of the machine had to stay in the garage until I could round up a burly neighbor to get the last piece into the house. With everything laid out on the floor and after reviewing the assembly instructions and identifying all of the hardware, assembly began. The machine went together in about 3 hours. I needed help from my wife only when raising the tread from the floor to attach the folding mechanism supporting strut. The machine worked with no problem after assembly except for figuring out the buttonology. It turns out you just need to plug it in, turn on the switch at the base of the tread, attach the safety shut-off magnet, then push a tread speed button. You can further adjust the speed and set an incline level if you like. The fan on high is also nice. Some things to remember are that you should not use the incline feature for the first 10 hours to give the machine a chance to distribute lubricant and also not try to raise the tread to the upright storage position with any incline other than 0. Also they recommend turning off the machine at the base of the tread and unplugging it between sessions to avoid premature wear (whatever that might mean). After getting the machine up-and-running there was one major job left...taking apart the bulky boxes and tearing down the wood pallet for recycling and trash. That step added another couple of hours to the adventure. For some people the 6 or so hours of work plus the need for adequate tools and mechanincal skills might make paying for machine setup and disposal of packaging a good choice. Personaly I enjoyed the tasks. If you're doing the assembly I suggest downloading the instructions for review while you await the machine If I were to change anything on the machine it would be to add a cover to the bottom of the console section. As it is the machine looks a bit unfinished from the front. I very much enjoy using this machine. I find I can run on the machine even though outdoor running had become to hard on my body.