2011 Le Tour De France Customer Review

2011 Le Tour De France

Gets me motivated, it's all that it is advertised.

(Charlton, MA) on Jan 5, 2012


Comments: I am 40 years old and about 50 pounds overweight, I hate stationary bikes and treadmills, we'll start there. So now that winter is here I need to drop some weight and stay active. I bought this bike based on the google maps feature. The first 2 rides I took were on normal bike routes I do with my specialized. This thing mimmics the route about 95 percent. I hook up my laptop and watch my route on google street view, really cool. The hills kick your but just like the real thing. So now my goal is to ride across the country in 10 to 15 mile segments. That's where my motivation is. Program a map for today's ride, ride it, get it done, there is a real goal to achieve unlike ordinary bikes. You have an actual destination. Fun stuff. The ifit subscripton is worth it.