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Performance 400

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Great treadmill!

(Carrollton, TX) on Feb 3, 2012


Comments: My husband and I had a Proform Crosswalk that we used for about 12 years and the belt finally tore in half a year or two ago. We decided to replace it with this one about a month ago. The price was excellent, especially with an online coupon code, and it was surprisingly easy to setup (definitely a two person job). We had it setup in no time and have been using it regularly for a few weeks and we LOVE it! We keep telling each other how awesome it is and we have only used the good old manual settings...we have not even attempted to use the preprogrammed workouts or the iFit Live or the Nike+iPod features, but I would imagine when I find time to read the manual and figure them out, we will love it even more! You can't go wrong with this treadmill! If you have two people in the house, I would not bother to pay for in-house delivery or setup. The delivery driver called my husband and he gave him verbal authorization to leave it at the front door. He brought it up the walkway and left it in front of the door (I was a bit worried about what curbside delivery actually meant) and we get deliveries all the time, so I was not worried as long as the driver would bring it up to the door. The process could not have gone smoother! SO glad we made this choice!!!