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Performance 1450

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Excellent Treadmill

(Herriman, UT) on Dec 6, 2011


Comments: I just got this treadmill and am still in the process of figuring out everything that it can do. I wanted to quickly post a review about the initial assembly due to reading other reviews about the poor fit of the locking bar assembly. I too had the problem with the locking bar apparently "being too long." I was able to "pry" it into place but then it would not extend far enough to lock. Arghhh... issues with craftsmanship I thought. I called Icon Fitness in Logan Utah to complain about the issue and after talking with the CSR, and him consulting with their onsite tech, it was found that the unit was shipped with the deck not being calibrated to a zero incline. In the owners manual it shows how to calibrate the deck. I performed the calibration procedure and now the treadmill locks into place as it should, WONDERFUL!! I'm glad I called the customer service number that came with the unit as I was ready to cut into things to "fix" it as I have read others have. You can tell when assembling this piece of equipment that it is a well built with quality in mind. The form fit and function is great! Hope this helps and I can't wait to start running around my wintery neighborhood... IN MY BASEMENT with the iFit self made maps!! Steve