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10.0 CE

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Very satisfied with this Elliptical

(Milwaukee, WI) on Sep 30, 2012


Comments: I don't usually write reviews but in this case I felt it necessary due the negative reviews I've seen. All the complaints on how the manufacturing was off and it wouldn't fit together and the instructions were poor and it rocked and squeaked etc. had me real worried that I bought a lemon. Unfortunately I saw the reviews after I purchased one but it was still in the box and I considered returning it. But I decided to take a chance as I can usually fix anything even though I shouldn't have too. This unit had the features I was looking for, rear wheel (less linkage that way), adjustable stride, magnetic resistance, decent display, pulse, enough different programs and resistance levels and it folds somewhat, so I decided to take a chance and assemble it. Well mine went together without a hitch, no filing sanding etc. I was expecting the worst based on all the reviews but that never came to fruition. Everything fit well an lined up properly. Putting the arms together where you have to insert the shafts was a little bit tricky because of the close tolerances but you want that in a bearing surface, you don't want lose and sloppy. Using a c-clamp to press the shafts in worked like a champ and the movement then was smooth without any binding. The holes and bushing were a tight fit, but you want that, filing sanding is going to introduce slop which is detrimental in the the long run. I found the instructions more then adequate. Good pictures showing each piece and item numbers on the fasteners that you could cross reference in the parts list to know the size and even had the fastener item number next to the fastener on the card containing them. Have no idea what people are looking for that said the instructions were poor. As far as operation once it was assembled, smooth as silk. No squeaking no rocking, nothing like that at all, very smooth. I wonder if the people that complained about the rocking knew the about the levelers on the ends of each the three footing bars and adjusted them. And for the squeakers I won