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ProForm Fitness Tip : How To Get Started with Cardio At Home

Posted on 2017-05-18

“Hi, I’m Carissa. Your personal trainer from ProForm. Everyone has different fitness goals and reason for beginning an exercise routine, but the foundation to most goals is incorporating cardio. Cardio increases blood flow and oxygen to your body, igniting your system on a path to success. I recommend using a tracker device to see what your activity level is now. Wear it and don’t change anything for the first two weeks. (read more)

Get Summer Ready With This Treadmill Incline Workout

Posted on 2017-05-15

Don’t let summer make you retreat into early hibernation this year. Do this treadmill incline workout so you can go strut your stuff proudly when the summer season hits: (read more)

Get Fit With ProForm During 'Bike To Work Week'

Posted on 2017-05-11

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and ProForm is a proud supporter of this nationwide initiative. You can also choose to become a supporter by participating in Bike to Work Week, May 15th until May 19th. Take the week long challenge and start working on positive changes for long-term health. Reasons to Consider Biking By participating in Bike to Work Week, you have the opportunity to gain the health benefits associated with biking. (read more)

Calling All Mothers: Celebrate YOU This Mother's Day

Posted on 2017-05-09

Your main priority as a mother is caring for your family. You help your family get the most out of every day, offering unconditional love and support when things go wrong and celebrating all the little achievements in life. But what about you? Do you give yourself time to celebrate your own successes? Research shows it is important to take good care of yourself, especially when you are responsible for providing care to others. (read more)

The Puzey Brothers: Post Boston Marathon

Posted on 2017-05-08

Altra shares some insight of the Boston Marathon: Altra’s endurance team raced hard in Boston and posted some impressive results: Tommy “Rivers” Puzey clocked an Olympic qualifying time of 2:18:20 and finished 16th overall and Jacob Puzey ran a solid race with a time of 2:26:52. We share a couple of Altra’s athletes’ post-Boston reflections below: “I poured my whole soul out onto that course and yet somehow left feeling even more full of life and love and gratitude than before I toed the line. (read more)

ProForm Success Story : Craig Talks About How The Cardio HIIT Trainer Has Improved His Life

Posted on 2017-05-04

“Hey, my name is Craig and I feel great. I could tell I was just out of shape. A little overweight and I saw myself in the mirror and I just thought it’s time to do it. It’s time to do something. This is the first time I’ve ever tried a program. When I’m on it, I don’t have any pain whatsoever, afterwards, other than sore muscles. Going from eating a lot of garbage to the diet that they put us on, has been a game-changer. (read more)

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