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ProForm Fitness Tip : Strength Training

Posted on 2017-07-31

“Hi, I’m Carissa. Your personal trainer from ProForm. Strength training is key to transforming the look of your body. There are many benefits of strength training, especially in women and older adults. Here are my tips for strength training: First, pick your equipment. There are benefits to dumbbells, resistance bands, and kettlebell. For at-home fitness, I like a simple set of dumbbells because of the variety of exercises you can do with them. (read more)

Squatting Your Way to Your New Body

Posted on 2017-07-10

Do you want a new and improved physique? Try squats! While squats may seem like simple exercises, they are actually compound movements that involve several joints and nearly every muscle group in your body. They also stimulate the production of hormones that help build muscle and burn fat. Squat Benefits Squats provide a number of health benefits including strengthening your entire musculoskeletal system, building strong bones, and constructing strong muscles simultaneously. (read more)

ProForm Fitness Tip : Share Your Fitness Goals

Posted on 2017-07-03

There is importance in sharing your fitness goals with others. Not only does it keep you accountable, but will also motivate you. Perhaps a friend will want to join you on your journey to getting fit; be each other’s coach. You’ll never know unless you ‘share your goal.’ But first, what is your goal? Are you getting fit in order to accomplish a marathon, to participate in a physique competition or just to be able to run around freely with your kids without getting too winded? (read more)

Stress-Free Recipes To Enjoy For The 4th Of July

Posted on 2017-06-26

4th of July is right around the corner! It’s a day to relax and enjoy ourselves with family and friends while celebrating, BBQing, and watching fireworks. And the last thing we want to worry about are the unhealthy food options that will tempt us into making decisions that will make us feel less than 100%. So, why not make the healthy choices straight from the get-go and prep nutritious food for your celebration; therefore, there won’t be any temptation and falling off the wagon nonsense. (read more)

ProForm Fitness Tips: Simple Ways To Succeed With Fitness At Home

Posted on 2017-06-19

“Hi, I’m Carissa. Your personal trainer from ProForm. Are you ready to begin your fitness journey? I’m here to help you achieve your fitness goals. It may seem hard to start, but I’m going to make it simple. Find something you love to do and bring it into your home. Then you can exercise regardless of the weather, the time of day, and even while dinner is in the oven. (read more)

HIIT Tabata With Dad This Father's Day

Posted on 2017-06-12

Two of the greatest gifts you can give Dad for Father’s day are included in this workout. The gift of TIME and the gift of HEALTH. Partner up with Dad to complete this High Intensity Tabata workout. It’s quick and bound to burn some serious calories. Here’s how to Tabata Each exercise in a given Tabata will only last four minutes. Sounds simple, but wait until the burn starts to set in. (read more)

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